Saturday, 20 February 2010

Nasi kopes

Jalan Yakobiah, Kota Bharu

Each food pack (panel) costs approximately RM3.50, complete with chicken, curry gravy and cucumber slices. Plain drinking water is on the tap and FOC. You can order teh tarik. If you are from outside Kelantan or Malaysia, then nasi kopes will be sweet to your taste. This is the usual Kelantan food preference and food is purposely sweetened. It can make you fat in the long run if you are not careful about how much nasi kopes you eat daily. Nasi kopes is sold daily early in the morning for breakfast at 8 am till it is finished by about 10 am. There is usually a long queue of buyers. So come early and don't jump queue!!! You can buy it to take away at no extra charge.

Roti canai airport KB

Kedai Makan Maziah binti Salleh depan airport KB

There is a small Malay restaurant that serves good roti canai for breakfast near the KB airport at Pengkalan Chepa. It serves very nice crispy roti canai for early morning serves from early morning till it is all gone around 9.30 am. Come early and order quickly. Grab a table, order teh tarik and wait for the roti canai pak cik (or is it abang?) to deliver steaming hot roti canai ala carte!!! Very cheap and worth your $$$. I'm not kidding!! It's for real!! Apa, tak percaya kah?

Satay Blok

Top 2 panels - my own homemade "satay blok" where the rice cubes are big chunks!
Bottom panel - "satay Kajang" bought from somewhere in KB, minus the rice cubes.