Sunday, 15 October 2017

Dinner at Kengsom Thai Restaurant

Kengsom Thai Restaurant
S/27, Lot 255 & 256
Jalan Kebun Sultan
Kota Bharu, Kelantan
- air-cond
- specialty is kengsom (asam pedas)
- hours: 12 noon to 10 pm (kitchen closes at 9.45 pm for last orders)
- can RSVP
- each round table fits 8 people comfortably

We celebrated my 59th birthday at Kengsom Thai Restaurant in Kota Bharu. This was my first time and my husband's second time. He had lunch before. 

This was what we had for dinner between 9:15 pm and 10:10 pm:
  1. Kacang goreng RM2 ... served before food and drinks
  2. Ikan goreng 3 rasa RM48
  3. Udang butter susu RM 66
  4. Ayam padprik RM20
  5. Telur stim (bungkus)  RM20
  6. Kangkung ikan masin RM16
  7. Sup tauhu ayam RM25
  8. Rice RM14 for 6 people
  9. Drinks RM18 for 6 people
Total: RM242.74
GST 6%: RM13.74

Works out to RM40 per head.

Food was delicious and appropriate portions.

Service was fast - about 15 minutes prep and waiting after ordering.

There is ample parking under the big tree at the end of the building.

Beautiful wall art 

Crispy milky butter prawns 

Tender ayam padprik 

Crispy ikan siakap goreng 3 rasa

Clear soup with chicken burger balls and soft Japanese tofu, flavoured with ground black pepper, spring onion and celery.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Dinner at Restoran KST

My cousin Jeffrey and his wife came to visit Kota Bharu and we went to have dinner. My son Muhammad knew Restoran KST and suggested we eat there. The restaurant is open after 4.30 pm till late night. We ordered and selected the various fish, squids and ray fish. We waited 1 hour for the seafood to be cooked and for food to arrive. In the meantime, we tucked in on drinks and ulam. Finally, the seafood was ready and we had dinner. We stopped to perform Maghrib prayer in the tiny staff surau. Then we continued to talk and finally parted and went home.

Restoran KST
Lot 3050
Wakaf Che Yeh
Jalan Kuala Krai
15100 Kota Bharu

Table 11
Bill no. RCB200020504
Date: 08/04/2017  19:55 ((8 April 2017, 7:55 pm)

What we ordered for 8 diners:

  1. Apple Susu Ais (1) 3.00
  2. Fresh Orange Ais (1) 3.00
  3. Teh O Panas (1) 1.00
  4. Limau Nipis Panas (1) 1.80
  5. Teh Tarik Panas (1) 2.00
  6. Teh Hijau Ais (1) 3.00
  7. Limau Nipis Ais (1) 2.00
  8. Limau Nipis Panas (1) 1.80
  9. Sirap Limau Ais (1) 2.00 ... repeat order

  1. Ulam (2) 6.00 ... free choice of vegetables from a large selection
  2. Sup Daging (3) 18.00 ... a lot of beef
  3. Sup Cendawan (3) 16.50
  4. Nasi Putih (8) 12.00
  5. Sotong Celup Tepung, 450 gram x 0.065 (1) 29.25 ... nice and soft
  6. Siakap 3 Rasa, 750 x 0.055 (1) 41.25 ... delicious
  7. Selar NP.PHAU (1) 24.70
  8. Sup Daging (3) 18.00 ... repeat order
  9. Telur Dadar (3) 6.00
  10. Pari Rempah, 600 gram x 0.04 (1) 24.00 ... a lot of spices
Sub Total: 215.30
GST 6%: 12.92
Rounding: -0.02

Grand Total (RM) 228.20 ... (comes to RM28.50 per head ... less than RM30 per head)

Thank You. Please Come Again.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Laksa Siam / Laksa Thai

SPM 2017 - Makan-Makan: Kerabu Kaki Ayam Dan Laksa Siam (11 Mac 2017)

Laksa Siam / Laksa Thai


(1) KUAH MERAH (kuah kari ikan)

cili kering
bawang merah
ikan - kisar halus

(2) ULAM

Semua jenis ulam boleh dimakan bersama laksa Siam.

daun salad
daun pudina
daun salam/daun selasih (Thai basil)
kacang panjang - potong 3" panjang
pucuk petai
pucuk gajus/ketereh
taugeh - buang akar dan kulit
kacang botol - tak payah potong
timun - hiris macam buat acar - potong 2" panjang
buah terung bulat (saiz kecil) - potong 6

(3) MEE

Mee laksa dijual siap untuk dimakan.
Bilas dengan air suam atau air panas.


Cara memasak kuah kari ikan

Rebus dan masak kuah laksa (kuah kari ikan kisar)
Masak hingga kuah menjadi pekat
Biar masak dan panas ketika menghidang

Cara menghidang laksa Siam

Susun ulam dan sayur dalam pinggan atau dulang besar.
Sediakan mangkuk dan sudu untuk makan
Bubuh mee dan susun ulaman/sayur di atas mee
Curahkan kuah laksa Siam di atas mee
Terus makan panas-panas

Kerabu Kaki Ayam

SPM 2017 - Makan-Makan: Kerabu Kaki Ayam Dan Laksa Siam (11 Mac 2017)

Thai food - Chicken feet salad

Chicken feet recipe

Kerabu Kaki Ayam


1 paket kaki ayam - rebus dan buang tulang
buah tomato - potong 6
cili padi - cincang
daun sup - gunting 1"
1/2 - 1 biji buah limau nipis - perah ambil jus
gula - secukup rasa
perencah perasa Maggi - secukup rasa


(1) Memasak kaki ayam (2 jam sebelum makan)

1 packet chicken feet (20 pcs white chicken feet)
Clean chicken feet. Snip off claws and dirty footpads
Rinse chicken feet

Boil some water, add some salt
Boil chicken feet for 20-30 minutes
Let boiled chicken feet stand 30 minutes
Rinse chicken feet under cold running tap water to stop further cooking

Add 1/2 teasp sugar to 1 cup vinegar. Mix well with a wooden spatula.
Transfer chicken feet to a large plastic bowl.
Pour vinegar mixture onto chicken feet and mix
Cover chicken feet with sufficient water
Marinate in refrigerator for 1 hour
Strain all water
Transfer chicken feet to a bowl (ready to eat)

(2) Buat air kerabu dahulu

Campurkan bahan berikut dalam mangkuk besar dan kacau sebati:

Sos kicap ikan
perencah perasa Maggi
perahan jus buah limau nipis
Kacau sebati setisp kali tambah

(3) Kemudian campurkan bahan buah:

Campurkan bahan berikut ke dalam air kerabu dan kacau sebati:

bawang merah
buah tomato
Kacau sebati setiap kali tambah

(4) Masukkan kaki ayam

Campurkan kaki ayam yang telah direbus dan dibuangkan tulangnya.
Tulang mesti dibuang supaya kerabu mudah dimakan.

(5) Pewangi

Masukkan daun sup yang digunting. Gaul sebati.

(6) Adjust secukup rasa

Rasa dan adjust rasa kerabu.
Kerabu ini crunchy dan sedap dimakan bersama nasi.
Kerabu ayam sedap dimakan panas atau sejuk.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Potato poori

Potato poori is a savoury Indian vegetarian crisp.


2 boiled potatoes (150 g)
1 Cup wheat flour (150 g)
1 Tabsp chopped cilantro
1/8 teasp turmeric powder 
1/8 to 1/4 teasp red chilli powder
Salt to taste
50 ml water
1 Tabsp cooking oil for coating dough
Oil for deep frying


Mixing bowl
Frying pan
Rolling pin
Flat surface

  1. Add boiled potatoes to mixing bowl
  2. Mash potatoes with the right hand till they become a soft crumbly mass
  3. Roll the mashed potato into a ball in the bowl.
  4. Add wheat flour
  5. Add turmeric powder/paste
  6. Add chilli powder
  7. Add salt to taste
  8. Add chopped coriander leaves
  9. Mix all ingredients in the bowl with the right hand
  10. Add 50 ml water and mix into a soft dough
  11. Roll dough into a ball
  12. Coat dough with a Tabsp of cooking oil to prevent it from becoming sticky
  13. Take 2 Tabsp of dough into the right hand and shape into a ball. Then flatten it.
  14. Place it on a flat surface and add oil to grease it before rolling
  15. Roll dough into round disc, not too thick or too thin
  16. Repeat till all dough have been rolled to make round discs
  17. Heat oil in a frying pan. Wait till oil is sufficiently hot before frying the potato pancake
  18. Fry one potato pancake at a time. 
  19. Fry both sides for 2 minutes until crispy
  20. Remove and drain excess oil
  21. Serve warm

Cashew nut and paneer barfi

This is a sweet Indian dessert.
It is simple to make and serve.


1 Cup (150 g) raw cashew nuts (skin removed)
250 g paneer
3/4 Cup (150 g) sugar
1 Cup milk
2 Tabsp ghee
1/2 teasp cardamom powder
Chopped pistachio


Metal plate
Non stick pan
Plastic spatula
Modak mold


Paneer (pronounced panir) is fresh cottage cheese. It is fresh curd cheese. It is white, soft (like tauhu) and crumbles easily. It is made by mixing milk with vinegar and then strained to remove excess liquid. It is sour.

It is a plastic mold for shaping dumplings into pointed domes.

  1. Soak cashew nuts in milk for 2 hours.
  2. Blend soaked cashew nuts till coarsely fine (becomes a runny chunky white milk)
  3. Add sugar and blend
  4. Add paneer and blend (becomes a thick white mixture)
  5. Fry in non stick pan in 2 Tabsp ghee. Stir all the time. Use med-low heat (becomes thick and pliable).
  6. Stir until semi-solid. Switch off heat. 
  7. Add cardamom powder to mixture in pan and stir thoroughly to mix.
  8. Use ghee to grease a metal plate. 
  9. Pour white putty mixture onto a pre-greased metal plate and spread mixture evenly.
  10. Sprinkle chopped pistachio onto mixture and gently press pistachios into the surface
  11. Leave for 3-4 hours in a cool place or in front of a fan to set before cutting
  12. Cut in to square pieces and arrange on a plate
  13. Extra paste can be pressed into modak pieces
  14. Serve squares separate from modak.
  15. Refrigerate leftover barfi for up to a week.

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Banana Chocolate Cake

Preparation time: 30-45 minutes (less than 1 hour)
Serves: 8 people

This cake does not use butter, margarine or oil. It is suitable for fast baking and for people who have undergone cholecystectomy (surgical removal of entire gallbladder). The cake consistency will depend on what kind of bananas are used and how soft or watery they are (water content). Use very soft leftover bananas that nobody wants to eat. The soft bananas give the chewiness of this chocolate cake.


4 soft bananas
3 tablespoons sugar
1 egg
1-2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 sachet Nestum instant drink (banana vanilla flavour)
1/2 to 1 cup self-raising flour (cake flour or baking flour)


1 small non-stick loaf cake pan (24 cm). Grease pan with margarine and sprinkle flour to coat 
1 fork
1 mixing bowl
Electric toaster oven

  1. Remove banana skin and discard. Using a fork, mash bananas in a mixing bowl. 
  2. Add sugar and stir to mix
  3. Add egg and stir to mix
  4. Add cocoa powder and stir to mix
  5. Add Nestum and stir to mix
  6. Add self-raising flour and stir to mix. Adjust consistency.
  7. Pour batter into prepared cake tin
  8. Bake in a toaster oven for 15-20 minutes (set for baking cake if there is a setting)
  9. Test with a fork if cake is done (fork comes out clean)
  10. Allow another 5 minutes baking if uncertain if cake is done
  11. This cake does not need any topping or icing
  12. Serve warm 

Friday, 12 May 2017

Basbusah / Basboussa

Basbusah is an Egyptian recipe. I first tasted it at an international students' festival at California State University, Chico campus in 1976-1980. It was delicious. The one that I tasted was not so sweet, but just nice. It had half an almond on top of each diamond piece. I have never found its recipe, but found it today.

Basboussa is the Moroccan version of the same dessert.



3 cups of sugar
1 cup of water
1/2 lemon
2 cups of semolina flour or cream of wheat
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 and 1/2 sticks of butter (one stick is 250 g)
1 16-ounce can of sour cream (1 and 3/4 to 2 cups)


There are 2 parts to making basbusah. First, make the syrup. Then make the cake.

A. Syrup
  1. Mix 2 cups of sugar with 1 cup of water. 
  2. Bring to a boil.
  3. Add juice of 1/2 a lemon.
  4. Let simmer for 10 minutes. 
  5. Let syrup cool in refrigerator. 

B. Cake
  1. Mix 2 cups of semolina flour or cream of wheat, 1 cup of sugar, 1 teaspoon of baking powder.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix 1 and 1/2 sticks of butter (melted and cooled), with 1 16 ounce container of sour cream. 
  3. Add butter and sour cream mixture to the dry ingredients.
  4. Stir by hand with a wooden spoon. 
  5. Spread mixture in buttered 9" x 13" shallow baking tray.
  6. Bake for 40 minutes at 400 degrees. 

C. Adding almonds
  1. After baking for 20 minutes, score the top of the cake, to give it a checker-board design. 
  2. Place a whole almond in the centre of each diamond piece
  3. Use organic roasted almonds. 
  4. Finish baking the cake for the remaining 20 minutes. 

D. Adding syrup
  1. Pour cool syrup on cake while the cake is still warm. 
  2. Serve cake in its tray while still warm.
  3. Or cut out each diamond piece and place in cupcake paper cups.
  4. Serve basbusah plain or with whipping cream.


A. Syrup

2 glasses of sugar

4 glasses of water

Preparation of syrup:

In a saucepan, bring to the boil water and sugar.

Cook 20 minutes over medium heat.

Cool the syrup before sprinkling over the hot basusah.

Sprinkle the hot basbusah with the cold syrup.

B. Cake

Ingredients in order:

1 can of sweetened condensed milk (how many ml?)

120 ml of rapeseed oil

2 eggs

1 glass of 200 ml of almond powder

1 glass of 200 ml of fine semolina

1 pinch of salt

1 sachet of baking powder (11 g)


Preheat the oven and grease a baking tray with butter and lightly sprinkle semolina.

In a bowl and using a mixer, pour in the milk, oil, eggs, salt and mix with the mixer to have a very homogeneous mixture.

Add the two powders (almonds and semolina) and beat at low speed to obtain a homogeneous mixture.

Pour the mixture into the baking tray and bake at 200 ° C for 20 to 25 minutes. The basbusah must be well-browned at the bottom and at the top. It is important. Otherwise it is uncooked.

At the end of the baking, sprinkle cold syrup on the hot basbusah and leave to rest at least 2 hours before serving.


Ingredients :
(use a 180 ml glass)

A. Cake

3 eggs

1/2 glass of sugar (60 g)

1/2 glass of oil (80 ml)

1 sweet flavoured yoghurt of choice (125 g)

1 glass of extra fine semolina (120 g)

1/2 glass of flour (70 g)

8 g of baking powder

1 pinch of salt

B. Decor

20 cl liquid cream 30% mg

20 g of sugar

Fruits (blueberry, raspberry and kiwi)

C. Syrup

Ingredients for syrup:

2 glasses of sugar

2 glasses of water

Perfume of your choice

D. Preparation

Preheat the oven to 180 °. Butter and flour the pan.

Sift semolina, flour, salt and baking powder.

In a salad bowl, beat eggs and sugar, oil, and yogurt, until the whole mixture is homogenized.

Add the powdered ingredients (semolina, flour, yeast and salt) and add to the egg apparatus.

Pour the mixture into the pan and bake for 30 to 35 minutes.

The basboussa should be golden. Remove from the mold and lightly add syrup. Fill it with whipped cream and sugar. Decorate it with fruits.

Fluid converison chart:

Sunday, 30 April 2017


Many patterns to try:

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Tapai Pulut

This recipe is taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook.
8 January 2017


1 kg beras pulut
1 packet ragi manis (dijemur)
Daun pisang secukupnya


Basuh beras pulut bersih-bersih.
Kemudian ditanak sehingga masak.
Setelah pulut masak, angkat dan sejukkan di dalam sebuah talam yang bersih dan kering.

Hancurkan ragi sehingga halus.
Kemudian taburkan pada pulut tadi.
Guna sarung tangan.
Kemudian balik-balikkan pulut dan gaul sehingga rata.

Sediakan sebuah pasu tanah kecil/bekas yang sesuai.
Alas dalam pasu/bekas dengan daun pisang yang bersih.
Masukkan pulut tadi dengan sehelai daun pisang.
Tutup pasu/bekas dengan penutupnya.
Kemudian balutkan dengan kain kemas-kemas.


Tapai pulut ini boleh dimakan selepas tiga hari.
Simpan di dalam peti sejuk supaya proses penaian (fermentation) terhenti dan tidak berterusan.
Jika penapaian berterusan, proses ini akan menghasilkan alkohol (arak).

Kehadiran alkohol di dalam makanan membuat makanan berkenaan haram dimakan oleh orang Islam sebab alkohol memudaratkan hepar (liver).

Alkohol juga menjadi racun kepada bayi di dalam kandungan. Bagi mengelakkan kesan alkohol kepada bayi dalam kandungan. ibu mengandung patut mengelak makanan penapaian seperti tapai (semua jenis tapai)

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Kuih Kosui

This recipe is taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook.
8 January 2017

There are many varieties of kuih kosui or kaswi. This one is green and pandan-flavoured.



2/3 cawan gula pasir
2 cawan air
1/2 cawan tepung gandum
1/2 cawan tepung beras
3/4 cawan jus pandan (kisar 4 helai daun pandan)*
Secubit garam
1 sudu kecil air kapur - guna 1/2 sudu kecil
Sedikit pewarna hijau (green food colour)


Masak gula pasir dengan 2 cawan air sehingga gula larut serta mendidih. Ketepikan.

Dalam periuk lain, satukan semua bahan di atas kecuali air gula. Gaul rata.
Setelah digaul rata, baru dituangkan air gula dan kacau rata.

Masak atas api perlahan dan kacau sehingga hampir likat.
Jangan pekat sangat.
Masukkan dalam loyang atau bekas kaca dan kukus selama 20 minit.
Saya kukus selama 25 minit.

Hidang dengan parutan kelapa parut muda putih yang digaul dengan sedikit garam.

Kuih Cara Berlauk

This recipe is taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook.
8 January 2017


Batter/Bahan tepung:

200 ml santan pekat
200 ml air
4 biji telur gred B
150 g tepung gandum
1/2 sudu kecil pewarna kuning/yellow/green food colour or use pandan juice
Garam secukup rasa

Filling/Bahan inti:

200 g daging kisar - boleh digantikan dengan daging burger
1 tabsp rempah kari daging
1 ulas bawang merah
1 ulas bawang putih
1 cm halia
Sedikit lada sulah
Garam secukup rasa


Daun sup - dihiris
Cili merah - dihiris
Bawang goreng


Campurkan kesemua bahan tepung di atas.
Kisar adunan kering ini menggunakan blender.
Tapiskan adunan.

Untuk inti, tumiskan bawang merah, bawang putih dan halia sehingga agak garing.
Masukkan rempah dan kacau sehingga naik bau sebelum masukkan daging, garam dan lada sulah.

Panaskan acuan dan sapukan sedikit minyak pada acuan.
Tuang bahan tepung sehingga 3/4 acuan dan masukkan inti daging/ayam.
Hiaskan dengan bawang goreng, hirisan cili merah dan daun sup.
Tutup acuan dan tunggu sehingga masak.
Gunakan api yang kecil sahaja.
Setelah masak keluarkan kuih cara.

Hidang bersama air teh untuk minum petang.

Kuih Bombay

This recipe is taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook.
8 January


1 cawan tepung gandum
1 cawan gula
1 cawan air pandan
1 cawan santan
1 cawan susu cair
3 biji telur
Sedikit pes pandan
Sedikit bijan - sebagai hiasan


Masukkan semua bahan ke dalam blender kecuali bijan.
Blend hingga sebati.

Sapukan loyang dengan sedikit minyak dan tuangkan bahan tadi ke dalamnya.
Taburkan bijan.

Bakar selama 40 minit pada suhu 180'C hingga masak.
Untuk dapatkan permukaan yang berkerak atau garing, tambah masa membakar.

Kuih Getas

This recipe was taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook.
8 January 2017

Ingredients for dough/Bahan untuk doh:

250 g tepung pulut
20 g tepung gandum
150 g kelapa parut
250 ml air
Garam secukup rasa
Minyak - untuk menggoreng


Gaul tepung pulut dan tepung gandum bersama kelapa dan garam. Sebatikan.

Tuang air sedikit demi sedikit hingga menjadi doh yang agak lembik, tetapi bukan terlalu lembik.
Rehatkan doh selama 15 minit.

Panaskan minyak.

Sapu sedikit di tapak tangan.

Ambil sedikit doh dan bulat-bulatkan, kemudian tekan bagi leper dan agak nipis.
Terus masukkan ke dalam minyak.

Buat beberapa biji.
Selalu balik-balikkan kuih sebab jika tidak balik-balikkan, kuih akan pecah di tengah.

Angkat dan toskan bila kuih sudah kekuningan.
Bila semua dah siap, ketepikan.

Sugary coating/Bahan sira gula:

1/2 cawan gula pasir
1/2 cawan


Masakkan air dan gula sehingga likat dan air kelihatan bertali.
Gunakan api yang sederhana.
Bila sudah likat masukkan semua kuih tadi.
Kacau segera.
Biar semuanya kena gula.
Tutup api.
Teruskan kacau hingga gula menghasilkan bentuk bunga (bubbles).

Kuih Serabai Kuah Durian

This recipe is taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook.
8 January 2017


2 cawan tepung beras
3/4 cawan nasi sejuk
1 sudu kecil yis
1/2 cawan santan
1 cawan air
1/2 cawan air suam
2 sudu besar gula
sedikit garam


Yis, gula dan sedikit air suam dicampur dalam 1 bekas
Biarkan selama 5 mnit untuk memastikan yis aktif.

Kisar nasi sejuk dengan 1 cawan air tadi.
Apabila nasi sudah hancur, masukkan garam, tepung beras, santan,dan bancuhan yis tadi
Kacau sebati
Biarkan selama 2 jam lebih dalam bekas tertutup

Panaskan acuan kuih serabai atau daalm pan kecil atau acuan kuih bakar.
Sapu sedikit minyak dalam acuan tersebut.
Apabial acuan sudah betul2 panas, masukkan adunan dalam acuan.
Sederhanakan api dapur dan tutup acuan.

Agak2 sudah kering permukaan menandakan serabai sudah masak.
Cungkil guna alat tajam untuk keluarkan kuih dari acuan.

Durian gravy/kuah durian

1 keping gula Melaka
2 mangkuk santan sederhana pekat
2-3 ulas durian
gula jika perlu
daun pandan - disimpul
sedikit garam

1 sudu tepung gandum*
sedikit air *
* gandum dan air bancuh terlebih dahulu
Gula Melaka dan sedikit air dimasak dahulu kemudian ditapis untuk membuang bendasing.

Masukkan santan, durian, daun pandan, sedikit garam dan bancuhan air gula tadi.
Masak hingga mendidih dan sentiasa dikacau.
Jika kurang manis tambah gula.
Masukkan campuran gandum tadi untuk memekatkan kuah.
Kacau sentiasa sehingga masak.

Hidangkan serabai dengan kuah durian.

Curry puff

This recipe is taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook.
8 January 2017

Curry puff skin/shell
Kulit karipap

1 kilo tepung gandum baker choice
3 sudu besar majerin pelangi
3/4 cawan minyak masak
2 sudu teh garam
Air 380g-400g bergantung pada kelembutan


Ayak tepung ketepikan ....dan buat lubang ditengah tepung tu
Panaskan minyak masak
Masukan majerin biar cair
Terus tuang pada tepung
Gaul guna senduk dahulu

Dah suam sikit baru guna tangan.
Gaul jadi serbuk roti (breadcrumbs)
Masukan air sedikit demi sedikit sampai jadi doh dan tak melekat di tangan.
Perap dalam 1/2 jam dalam bekas bertutup.
Baru bulatkan kecil
Kecil dan gelek, tapi terlalu nipis.

Lepas siap bubuh inti kelum degan kemas supaya tidak terbuka semasa dibakar.

Bakar pada suhu 180 dalam oven.
Bakar sampai putih dan kembung bulat selama 25 minit.

Tips nak mengoreng

  1. Guna minyak banyak.
  2. Campurkan 2 sudu shortening kalau guna minyak sepeket atau 1 kilo minyak.
  3. Selalu kacau biar masak sekata.

Pai Tee

This recipe is taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook
8 January 2017

Ingredients for the filling
Bahan untuk inti
2 sudu minyak masak
2 ulas bawang putih (cincang halus)
½ biji sengkuang
1 batang lobak merah (carrot)
1 keping tahu goreng.(potong dadu kecil)
100 gram ayam/udang. (cincang halus)
1 biji telur (goreng dadar dan hiris halus)
½ sudu teh garam

Ingredients for the shell containers
Bahan untuk bekas
100 gram tepung ubi
100 gram tepung gandum
100 gram tepung jagung
1 biji telur
air secukupnya
½ sudu teh garam
minyak masak (untuk menggoreng kulit pai tee)


For the filling/untuk inti:

Panaskan minyak dan tumiskan bawang putih.
Masukkan isi ayam/udang.
Kacau sebentar.
Masukkan semua bahan kecuali telur dan kacau rata sehingga layu/masak (al dente)
Masukkan telur yg dicincang dan gaul rata.
Angkat dan ketepikan.

For the pai tee shells/untuk kulit:

Masukkan semua bahan kecuali minyak dan air.
Tambah air sedikit demi sedikit dan gaulkan sebati.
Pastikan adunan tidak terlalu cair.

Panaskan acuan pai tee dalam minyak panas.
Celup acuan ke dalam bancuhan tepung.

Celupkan semula ke dalam minyak panas.
Biarkan hingga kulit tertanggal sendiri.
Goreng sehingga kekuningan.
Angkat dan toskan.

Masukkan inti ke dalam kulit pai tee.
Hidangkan bersama cili sos atau Kewpie roasted sesame seed dressing

Putu Piring

This recipe was taken from Aneka Resepi Masakan in Facebook.
8 January 2017

- for making 15 pieces of putu piring
- untuk buat 15 keping putu piring)

2 cawan tepung beras
3/4 sudu garam
150 ml air panas
1/2 cawan kelapa parut (ambil yang putih sahaja dan gaul dengan 1/2 sudu teh garam)
1/2 cawan gula melaka - diparut
5-6 helai daun pandan
kain muslin (kain putih jarang berukuran 6-8inci persegi)
daun pisang digunting 2-inci persegi

Tepung beras digoreng tanpa minyak selama 5 minit.
Ayak tepung beras yang sudah digoreng dan biarkan sejuk.

Campurkan garam dgn air panas dan daun pandan.
Seeloknya gunakan air panas
Biar sebentar untuk mendapatakn bau pandan.
Renjis2kan pada tepung yang telah digoreng dan disejukkan tadi.
Gaulkan supaya dapat hasil seperti serbuk roti (breadcrumbs).

Panaskan pengukus.

Griskan acuan putu piring dengan sedikit minyak.
Taburkan sedikit tepung, kemudian sedikit gula merah.
Tambah sedikit tepung lagi di atasnya.
Letakkan kain muslin di atasnya dan telangkupkan acuan pada pengukus
Elok gunakan pengukus khas untuk putu piring.
Biarkan selama 3-4 minit dan angkat acuan.

Biarkan putu dalam kain muslin selama kira2 seminit lagi sebelum kain dan putu diangkat.
Buka kain muslin dan letakkan sedikit kelapa parut yg telah digaul dengan sedikit garam.
Letakkan daun pisang di atasnya dan terbalikkan putu.
Sedia untuk dihidang.

Putu piring dimakan panas untuk sarapan pagi.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Ayam Masak Lemak Cili Padi

This recipe is from Makan TV program from Astro C135, hosted by Chloe, Miss Malaysia World 2011 and demo by Chef Firdaus. This is a traditional Malay chicken dish. This dish is very hot and spicy because cili padi is used. 2 cili padi are sufficient to make diners cry, but this recipe calls for more than 2 cili padi. 


1 kg ayam 
2 biji ubi kentang
1 serai 
2 pieces halia (1 inch each)
3 pieces kunyit 
200 g cili padi
1 kg santan pekat (fresh)


Blend kunyit dan cili padi dengan sedikit air. Blend lumat hingga dapat warna kuning sekata.
Titik serai
Racik halia - slice and julienne
Ubi kentang - potong wedges

Cara masak:

Masukkan bahan dikisar, halia, dan ayam ke dalam kuali (no oil).
Nyalakan api. 
Tambah sedikit air jika perlu dan masukkan serai.
Masak sebentar.

Bila ayam sudah kecut sedikit, kecilkan api dan masukkan santan.
Kacau untuk elak santan pecah
Bila bubbles sudah keluar, kecilkan api, dan masukkan sedikit garam. 
Bila sudah mendidih, masukkan ubi kentang
Selesai bila ayam dan uni kentang sudah empuk dan kuah pekat.

Hidang dalam mangkuk besar dan hias dengan cili merah, daun sup dan daun bawang.
Hidang dengan nasi panas.

Ungkep Daging

This recipe is taken from Makan TV program on Astro C135, hosted by Chloe, Miss Malaysia World 2011. This recipe is an authentic traditional Indonesian spicy beef dish.


500 g daging lembu
50 g bawang merah (4 pieces)
bawang putih (5 pieces)
halia muda
2 sudu besar ketumbar
1 sudu besar jintan putih/jintan manis
2 sudu besar air asam Jawa
2 serai


Tumbuk semua bahan. Tak perlu lumat sangat.
Gaul dengan daging dalam mangkuk
Masukkan ke dalam periuk
Guna api kecil
Titik serai dan masukkan bersama daging
Masukkan garam, gula.
Bila daging sudah kecut, masukkan air asan Jawa, gaul rata dan tutup.
Masak selama ___.
Bila daging sudah kecut dan rempah sudah masak, tambahkan sedikit minyak supaya berkilat.

Hidangkan bersama daun sup, daun bawang dan bawang goreng.
Hidangkan bersama nasi panas.

Opor Rusuk

From Makan TV program on Astro C135, hosted by Chloe, Miss Malaysia World 2011. Recipe is by Chef Zulkifli Razali from Bijan Restaurant, 3, Jalan Ceylon, 50200 Kuala Lumpur. Bijan won the Best Malay Restaurant Award. Opor is a cross between beef curry and rendang daging.


daging rusuk
rempah opor
minyak masak
bawang goreng untuk hiasan


Potong rusuk ikut ruas (4 pieces ribs)
Panaskan air dan rebus rusuk 
Rebus rusuk 2 jam untuk melmbutkan daging.

Sementara menunggu rusuk empuk, sediakan rempah opor.

Rempah opor:
cili kering
kayu manis
jintan manis 
jintan putih
buah pelaga
biji ketumbar
bunga cengkih
Goreng bahan rempah opor tanpa minyak selama 10 minit.
Kisar rempah opor yang telah digoreng kering supaya menjadi serbuk rempah opor.

Bahan untuk masak kuah:
Bawang merah
Bawang puith
Buah keras
Campurkan semua bahan dan kisar dengan sedikit air.

Bahan untuk dibungkus (empat sekawan):
kayu manis
buah pelaga
bunga cengkih
bunga lawang
Masukkan rempah ke dalam unchang dan ikat.

Bahan lain:
gula Melaka
serbuk cili
3 batang serai
air asam Jawa - rendam asam Jawa dalam air dan biar kembang
santan pekat

Cara memasak kuah opor:

Tumis serai dalam minyak supaya naik aroma.
Bila sudah wangi, masukkan bahan yang telah dikisarkan.
Goreng selama 10 minit hingga wangi dan hilang bau bawang mentah.

Masukkan rempah yang dibungkus (sekejap shj)
Masukkan rempah opor yang telah dikisarkan.
Masukkan sedikit serbuk cili
Letakkan belacan dan goreng sekali
Masukkan air asam Jawa (gunakan airnya sahaja)
Masak selama 1 minit.

Masukkan stock air rebusan rusuk tadi
Biar mendidih sebentar.

Masukkan rusuk ke dalam kuah opor

Masukkan gula Melaka, gula, garam, kerisik, santan pekat
Kacau rata dan kacau sekali-sekala
Masak selama 2 jam hingga kuah menjadi kering dan pekat.

Hidangkan opor rusuk dan hias dengan bawang goreng.
Hidangkan dengan nasi panas.

Monday, 16 January 2017


Wrap(s) ialah makanan baru bagi Malaysia. Ia makanan kuno Mexico dan negara Amerika Latin (South America).


Roti capati atau naan


Kari ayam

Roasted sesame dressing

Daun salad atau kobis


Panaskan roti capati/naan dan letak dalam pinggan.

Letakkan kari ayam (tanpa banyak kuah) atas capati.

Bubuh daun salad atau kobis yang telah dihiris nipis atau sayur lain.

Bubuh roasted sesami dressing sebanyak yang suka.

Bungkus (wrap).

Makan sebelum kuah/inti buat wrap jadi basah (soggy).

Boleh buat jual.

Sedap makan waktu kerja di pejabat.

Wrap #1 (RM5) 

Wrap #2 (RM2.70) 

Wrap #3 (buat sendiri)

Scrambled eggs

2 biji telur ayam

2 hotdog ayam

daun cekak manis



serbuk lada putih

minyak masak



Hiris hotdog ayam.

Bancur telur.
Larutkan garam dalam air, guna sudu makan.
Tambahkan air garam ke telur yang telah dipukul.
Tambahkan serbuk lada putih untuk hilangkan bau hanyir telur.

Basuh daun cekak manis

Panaskan kuali, tambah minyak, masukkan telur.

Masukkan daun cekak manis dan kacau sebati hingga daun dan telur masak.

Serve panas.

Makan dengan roti wholemeal (fresh).

Daun cekak manis 

Hotdog ayam 

Scrambled eggs 

Friday, 13 January 2017

Kari Ayam


Ayam 1 bekas plastik (1 ekor ayam ambil 1/2 bahagian ayam dan potong kecil2)

1 paket kecil serbuk rendang ayam Faezah atau lain

1 paket santan debu (1 biji kelapa)

5 butir bawang merah kecil (shallots)

1 labu bawang putih (1 bulb garlic)

beberapa hirisan halia mentah (fresh frozen slices of ginger)

2-4 keping hirisan lengkuas (fresh frozen galangal)

1 daun limau purut (1 kaffir lime leaf)

2 keping asam keping kering (hitam)/asam gelugor (2 slices sour fried fruit)

2-3 buah limau kasturi segar (fresh kasturi fruits)

4-5 tangkai daun kari segar (stalks of fresh curry leaves)

1 coriander plant with roots (1 pokok ketumbar termasuk akarnya sekali)

garam bukit (Himalaya salt - pink)

1/4 gula tuak/gula Melaka (1 keping kecil belah dan guna 1/4) (coconut palm sugar)

3 senduk kecil minyak masak kelapa sawit cap Murni (palm oil)

5 biji ubi kentang (potatoes or wedges) - ubi putih lembut mudah hancaur vs. ubi kuning tak hancur

1 electric jug of freshly boiled hot water









Defrost ayam

Goreng hirisan bawang merah, bawang putih, halia, lengkuas dan daun kari hingga garing dan wangi.

Masukkan serbuk rendang dan tambah air panas. Kacau sebati. Biar mendidih.

Masukkan ayam dan kacau sebati.

Tambah air panas, garam, gula Melaka, santan, dan biar ayam masak.

Apabila ayam sudah masak, masukkan ubi dan tambah air.

Apabila ubi sudah empuk, padam api.


Boleh makan dengan nasi panas, cicah roti/capati/roti nan etc.

Shallots, garlic, galangal, curry leaves, coriander leaves, asam keping, turmeric, ginger

Curry powder

Coconut milk powder

Chicken curry

Nan bread with curry, shredded purple cabbage and topped with roasted sesame dressing.

Thursday, 5 January 2017

Daging Cairo

This simple dry fry meat dish (dendeng) recipe is from Adibah Razak in Facebook, 1 January 2017.


lean meat
cili padi
nisae (gula Melaka)
tomato sauce


lean meat: rebus hingga empuk and cut into slices, 
tumbuk dan goreng tanpa minyak hingga garing and kering.

goreng bawang sebanyak mana yg suka

tumbuk cili-padi sepedas mana yg kamu suka

tumiskan hingga garing

mix with fried onion

add daging yg disangai garing tadi

buh garam, nisae or gula or stevia, sos tomato skit secukup rasa

tarraaaa.. siap daging dendeng sempoi👍🏻
bole makan dgn nasi "hot-hot" or can eat with bread as a sandwich.

FB link:

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Carrot cake

External links:

Orange Cake

Orange cake makes a wonderful evening when served with plain tea. It can also be used as hantaran for weddings. Adding some cooking oil keeps the cake moist and heavy. Adding grated orange skin (orange zest), orange juice and artificial orange flavouring, give a well-flavoured orange cake.


1/2 cup butter
3/4 cup white sugar (brown sugar is better)
2 tablespoons grated orange zest
4 eggs:-
      (i) 1 recipe - 4 egg yolks
     (ii) 1 recipe - 4 egg whites
1/2 cup cooking oil
1 cup self-raising flour
1/2 cup fresh orange juice (Sunquik orange concentrate)
1/2 teaspoon orange flavouring
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
fresh orange flesh from 1 big orange
1 pinch salt


Preheat oven to 350 F (175 C) for 10 minutes.

Grease one 8-inch round cake pan.

Sift flour and set aside.

Separate egg yolks and egg whites.
Whisk egg whites until stiff and add a pinch of salt.

Cream butter, sugar until light and fluffy.
Add grated orange zest and mix.
Beat in the egg yolks one at a time.
Add cooking oil.
Fold in sifted flour, alternating with orange juice.
Fold in whisked egg whites.

Spoon batter into prepared pan.

Bake in preheated oven for 35 - 40 minutes.

External links:

Kuay Teow Radna

Kuay teow radna is kuay teow with a thick gravy.


kuay teow
fish sauce
chicken meat
spring onion (daun bawang)
celery (daun sadri)
coriander leaves (daun ktumbar)
young corn spikes
fresh prawns
fresh squids or cuttlefish
black peppercorns (lada hitam)
white ground pepper (lada sulah)
soy sauce (kicap)
fish sauce (sos ikan)


Wash, drain and cook the koay teow without oil (dry fry). 

In a kuali, add oil and fry onion, garlic, ginger, chicken, prawns, squids/cuttlefish, and add water to make gravy. Season to taste.

Fry the vegetables together. Season to taste.

When ready to serve, add kuay teow to plate first. Then add the vegetables. Finally add gravy last. Serve hot.

Khao Yam

Khao yam is nasi kerabu.

This dish comprises blue rice, fish dipped in batter and then fried, keropok, taugeh, lime (limau nipis) a mixed selection of finely diced fresh greens*, cili paste, fried desiccated coconut or fried freshly grated coconut, belacan, budu etc.

*The greens used are long beans, daun serai kayu (fragrant leaves that smell of lemon grass), lemon grass, daun kesom, bunga kantan and daun limau perut (kaffir lime leaves).


All the ingredients are arranged separately in a serving tray.

When ready to serve or eat, rice is first spooned onto the plate. Then all the dry ingredients are sprinkled on top of the rice. Finally the wet ingredients are applied. 

This dish is either eaten for brunch or lunch. It goes well with a cold syrup cordial.

Som Tam

Som Tam is green papaya salad.


green papaya
kangkong (watercress)
long beans (kacang panjang)
fried peanuts
fried sesame seeds
vinegar or lime juice
dried shrimp (geragau)
fish sauce*
*very salty and high in MSG


Green papaya is shredded thinly using a mandolin.
Carrot is sliced thinly and then finely into sticks like toothpicks.
Kangkong is briefly dipped in hot water to kill worms and cut to bite-size.
Long beans is cut to 1 inch long and briefly dipped in hot boiling water.
Lightly pound or blend spices. Fry and add water to obtain some gravy. Adjust to taste.
When ready to be served, mix all ingredients in a bowl

This salad is either eaten alone as a snack or with freshly cooked rice.

Pad Ped Pla Duk

Pad ped pla duk is fried spicy catfish.

The fish is either cut up into small pieces and fried as normal or, the fish is fried whole.

The fried catfish pieces are then added to a fried chili paste to coat all the fish pieces.

Since this is a fried fish menu and the spicy ingredients are also fried, this is an oily dish.

This dish is best eaten while still freshly hot and is best eaten with freshly cooked hot plain rice.

Thai Recipes

Here are websites with interesting Thai food.