Thursday, 28 January 2010

Lepat pisang

Steamed glutinous rice with banana filling

Malay style steamed glutinous rice (pulut) with banana filling (inti pisang).
Omega brand Kopi Habbatus Sauda

It is nice to have lepat pisang at 10 am with Omega brand Kopi Habbatus Sauda, made a bit more diluted in a tumbler rather than a mug. Give it a try! It can change your bowel habit! LOL


French bread
Other names: Roti Perancis/roti panjang/roti pukul orang (LOL)

It is cheap (RM1.59 each) at TESCO. Slice it about 1/2" thick. Do not slice it too thinly. Toast it in the oven till light brown. Dip in potato curry and dig in! Bon appetite! Hmmm....sedaaapnya...!! Yus suka. Mummy's favourite!

Ulam for keranasi bu (daun serai kayu)

Nasi kerabu

This ulam is eaten with nasi kerabu. It is sliced thinly and added to nasi kerabu.

This is probably.... pucuk/daun samok, so said a reader...TQ 

Know its name?

We all forgot its name!

This is daun serai kayu. It has a citrus fragrance.

Friday, 22 January 2010

Colek buah

Kelantan fruit salad

Be careful about using prawn paste or petis as it is made from prawns. Prawns are a high source of cholesterol. If you already have high blood cholesterol levels, then don't use so much petis. Reduce the amount of petis in the sauce. This is especially so if you are eating fresh fruit salads daily (like I do at times).

Yus punya colek

Mummy punya colek

Unripe papaya slices served with fruit sauce

Unripe crispy sweet mango (pauh lemak)
Unripe red papaya (betik muda, betik solo variety)
Sweet pineapple (nenas manis)
Starfruit (belimbing air)
Guava (jambu air, jambu batu)
Pomelo (limau Bali, limau Tambun)
Pomegranate (delima)

Wash and cut all fruits into bite size
Place all cut fruit pieces in a bowl and cover
Refrigerate if necessary

2 garlic (bawang putih)
2 shallots (bawah merah kecil)
3/4 piece small palm sugar (gula keret/Melaka yang kecil)
3 tabsp ground chili (3 sudu besar cili boh cap Puteri)
1 tabsp dried shrimp paste (hancurkan belacan, guna 1 sudu besar)
1 laddleful cooking oil (minyak masak)
1 teasp fine table salt
1 cup hot water

Optional #1:
1 teasp cornstarch or edible palmstarch (tepung kanji)
2 tabsp cool boiled water
Mix cornstarch with water before use
Use palmstarch directly

Optional #2:
Use freshly pounded dried shrimp or geragau in place of belacan

Heat wok (kuali) and fry onions till brown and fragrant
Add ground chili, shrimp paste, salt and mix. Fry 5 minutes
Break up palm sugar and add to wok. Stir to mix
Add hot water
Adjust taste
Adjust consistency if desired (add cornstarch/palmstarch)
Remove from heat
Stand to cool before serving
Keep sauce covered and away from ants
Store sauce in glass bottles. Cap tightly

Malaysian fish crisps (keropok ikan)
Fry fish crisps in vegetable oil and place on paper towel
Remove as much oil as possible
Store in air tight container
(Goreng keropok dan tekap buang minyak. Simpan keropok dalam bekas kedap udara atau bubuh dalam beg plastik dan ikat kemas.)

Place cut fruit pieces in a bowl
Pour sauce over fruits
Sprinkle dried chili flakes/powder and coarse table sugar
Add crushed fish crisps
Serve immediately once sauce has been added
Eat up!

Roast recipes

BBQ Pit Boys

Many roast recipes...including BBQ chicken.

Basting Sauce for BBQ:
Yield: 4 Servings

1/2 cups margarine or butter
1/2 cups beef drippings
3 tabsp lemon juice
1 tabsp Worcestershire sauce
1 teasp salt
1 teasp pepper
2 teasp chili powder
2 cups water

Butter is preferred in this dish for flavour, but you may prefer margarine. In a saucepan, combine margarine, beef drippings, lemon juice and Worcestershire sauce. Cook over low heat until butter margarine melts. Dissolve chili powder, salt, pepper and garlic powder in water and add to margarine mixture. Bring to a boil. Lower heat and simmer for 15 minutes. Makes 3 1/2 cups. Sufficient to baste 5 lbs of brisket.

Modified from:

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Sambal belacan Kelantan

From Nafisah Ishak (Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kelantan)   
Early 1980s California

Peel 1 big Bombay onion (or a few shallots)
Add 1/2 piece belacan
Wrap both ingredients in aluminium foil
Roast over open fire on gas stove for 5-10 minutes till onions are soft
Open to check if onions have softened
Remove from fire and pound ingredients to a paste
Add sugar & salt to taste

Sambal belacan

Mummy's recipe, 16 January 2010

Use fresh chillies from TESCO. Cili padi is best.

1 pack fresh red chillies
1/2 pack fresh green chillies
4 tabsp coarse table sugar (can add more)
1 teasp fine salt (can add more)
1/2 piece of 2"-square belacan
2 limau kasturi (remove seeds only, use entire fruit)
1 teasp vinegar

How to prepare:
Blend together red chillies + green chillies + sugar + salt + belacan + limau kasturi.
Remove from blender and add vinegar.
Adjust salt and sugar to taste.

Storage & use:
Store in plastic containers and refrigerate.
Remove small amounts for eating with hot rice.

Sambal lada

From Nenek Tanah Merah, 16 January 2010

Blend together chili + lots of sugar + salt + vinegar.

Eat with fried fish or baked fish (ikan bakar).

Kari Ayam Kung

King Chicken Curry / King's Curry / Kari Kapitan / Captain's Curry

1/2 chicken (ayam)
1 kg potatoes (ubi kentang dari TESCO)
2 tomatoes (tomato)
1/2 kg ground chili (cili boh cap Puteri)
2 shallots (bawang merah)
3 garlic (bawang putih)
1 stick lemon grass (1 batang serai)
1 slice galanga (1 keping lengkuas)
3 slices ginger (3 keping halia)
1/4 slice coconut sugar (1/4 keping gula Melaka, gula tuak, gula keret)
1.7 litres hot water (1 electric jug) (1 jag letrik air panas)
3 teaspoonful table salt (3 sudu kecil garam halus)
1 daun limau purut
3 sprigs cardamom leaves (3 batang daun ketumbar)
3 tablespoonful chicken curry powder (3 sudu makan rempah kari ayam)
1 tablespoonful fish curry powder (1 sudu makan rempah kari ikan)
1 pack thick coconut milk (1 kotak santan pekat cap Kara)
2 laddleful cooking oil (2 senduk minyak masak)

(Tomatoes can be added at anytime. Use only hot water. Do not use cold water for curries.)
  1. Slice shallots & garlic and fry till golden brown. 
  2. Add ground chili, tomato, chicken curry powder, fish curry powder, lemon grass, daun limau purut, cardamom leaves, galanga, ginger. Stir
  3. Add hot water, stir and leave to fry till fragrant.
  4. Add chicken, stir
  5. Add hot water, salt and santan. Stir to mix.
  6. Add potatoes, stir and leave till done. Add water if necessary. 
  7. Add coconut sugar. Adjust salt to taste if necessary.
  8. When chicken and potatoes are soft, remove from heat and serve hot.
Cara Memasak:
(Tomato boleh dibubuh bila-bila. Guna air panas untuk memasak. Jangan guna air mentah/air paip untuk memasak kari.)
  1. Hiris bawang merah & bawang putih. Goreng hingga warna keemasan.
  2. Tambah cili boh, tomato, rempah kari ayam, rempah kari ikan, serai, daun limau purut, daun ketumbar, lengkuas, halia. Gaul rata.
  3. Tambah air panas, gaul dan biar masak hingga bau harum.
  4. Tambah ayam dan gaul
  5. Tambah air panas, santan dan garam. Biar masak.
  6. Tambah ubi, gaul rata dan rasa garam. 
  7. Padam api apabila ayam dan ubi sudah lembut. Hidangkan semasa masih panas.

Friday, 8 January 2010

Pulut inti

Glutinous rice with sweet coconut top
Pulut inti is served at breakfast in Kelantan. The bulk is soft white pulut (glutinous rice) made into a mound like a pyramid and a generous amount of sweet coconut mixture cooked in coconut sugar (gula keret or gula Melaka) is placed at the top of the mound. The entire mound is wrapped in banana leaf and served.

Popia mentah / popia basah / popia segar / popia tak goreng

Fresh spring rolls (fresh popia)

Popia served at USM Medical School, lunch for examiners. 


beansprouts (taugeh)
carrots (lobak merah)
soft white tauhu cake (buy from TESCO)
fried tauhu (buy from TESCO)
spring onion
popia skin (buy from TESCO/Billion)
1 tablespoonful cooking oil
soy sauce (salty)
powdered white pepper
chilli sauce
plum sauce
tomato sauce
sesame seeds
flour & water 


(1) To make the filling:

Wash and chop all vegetables.
Heat kuali and fry garlic till brown.
Add vegetables and fry lightly till cooked but not overcooked or too soft (mushy).
Add salt, pepper and soy sauce to taste.
Remove from fire and let cool.
Drain excess liquid from the mixture. This is the filling.

(2) To make the popia rolls:

Remove the popia skin from the refrigerator/freezer and thaw at room temperature (about 1 hour).
Carefully tear each piece of popia skin and place on a dinner plate (pinggan makan).
Spread approximately a teaspoon of chilli-plum-tomato sauce (any sauce will do).
Add a tablespoonful of filling and make into a long shape to fit the popia skin. 
Do not overfill as it will be too difficult to manage and fold the popia properly.
Make sure the filling is a bit dry or the popia skin will be soaked and tear before/during folding.
Leave some skin at both sides for folding.
Carefully draw the edge of the popia skin nearest you and fold over filling. 
Roll the popia to get its usual shape, fold in the skin at the sides before the last turn. 
Package the popia neatly and tightly.
Keep rolling till all the popia skin is rolled.
Use any flour and water mixture to hold down the edge of the popia skin. 
Stack each popia on a plate.
Repeat till all popia skin and filling are used.
Now the popia is ready for eating fresh. It is healthier to eat popia fresh or not fried.
Serve with homemade sauce consisting of chilli sauce, plum sauce and tomato sauce and fried sesame seeds.
Can also make popia sauce from scratch.
Can also serve popia with pencicah keropok.
Dig in.

(3) To make fried popia rolls:

Heat kuali and add oil.
Fry each popia till golden and arrange on serving plate.
Serve warm with dipping sauce.

(4) To make coated fried popia rolls:

This is a favourite among kids and easy to chew and digest. Good as snacks for school, picnic, travelling and Hari Raya.

    Additional ingredients:
    2 eggs
    powdered white pepper

Prepare fresh popia as above.
Prepare batter: 
     Place flour in bowl.
     Separately beat the eggs and add salt and pepper to taste. 
     Add egg mixture to flour and mix to form a thick batter. Add water if batter is too thick or too dry.
Heat kuali and oil.
Dip each popia in batter, coat the entire popia surface and fry. 
Remove each fried popia and cool on a plate.
Re-dip each cooled/warm fried popia in batter and fry a second time.
This gives a thick fat coat for each popia that kids simply love to eat.
Serve warm with any sauce. 
Re-heat in microwave oven if desired.
Store extra fried popia in freezer and reheat in microwave oven.
Dig in!

Pulut mangga

Glutinous rice with mango

Pulut mangga = pulut, santan, gula, mangga. 

We had pulut mangga for tea at my workplace. This is a Kelantan delicacy during the mango season. Pulut mangga is glutinous rice served with fresh mango cubes, thick fresh coconut milk (santan) and coarse granulated sugar. Simply yummy!

Two trays of chopped sweet mangoes and glutinous rice (pulut). 

To serve, scatter chopped sweet mangoes on steamed/cooked glutinous rice (pulut). 

Chopped sweet mangoes. Not all mangoes are sweet.
The sweet varieties are Pauh Raja, Pauh Siku Raja, and Pauh Lemak. 

Granulated sugar is essential. Thick fresh santan is slowly boiled with added salt and pandan leaf. Santan is the first to disappear from the serving table. Need a lot of santan for serving pulut mangga. 

Remember, santan is an edible saturated fat but low in cholesterol since it is from a plant source. Since it is a saturated fat, this is where it is harmful if taken in excess. So, take santan sparingly (makan sikit-sikit) and do not take it in excess. Do not take a lot of santan if you already suffer from arthritic pain in the limbs and knees as santan will worsen your condition. If the arthritic pain becomes very severe with santan consumption, then rub some halia bara cream (buy from Yusmira) to ease the pain. Then you should be alright. Halia bara is the same cream used for rubbing on the tummy for women during confinement following maternal delivery. There are 3 grades of halia bara (the menthol content varies). Higher menthol content makes the halia bara cream hotter (rasa panas pedih pada kulit).

Nasi Lemak (1)

This is a home-cooking version which I made at home. Kids love this version.

Nasi lemak
4 pot (calung) beras
2 bawang merah kecil
3 ulas bawang putih
1/2" halia
1 sudu makan serbuk santan
1 sudu kecil garam halus
1 helai daun pandan

Cara sediakan nasi:
Basuh beras 3X
Isi air hingga level 7 (bukan level 8 untuk masak nasi biasa)
Hiris 2 bawang merah kecil & 3 ulas bawang putih
Hiris halia (perlu 5 keping)
Masukkan bawang merah, bawang putih, halia, santan, garam dan daun pandan
Masak nasi macam biasa
Gaul sekali sekala supaya nasi tak melekat kat periuk
Tudungkan periuk nasi dan biarkan sampai masak

Kuah masak lemak ikan bilis
3 ulas bawang putih
1/2 pek cili boh TESCO (pedas sikit)
Air panas 1/2 jug letrik
1 kotak santan segar KARA Brand
1 sudu kecil garam
1 sudu kecil belacan dihancurkan (jangan guna serbuk perasa lain)
1 batang serai
2 hiris lengkuas
1 daun limau purut
4 biji buah belimbing besi
5 biji ubi kentang kecil
1 pek ikan bilis pepak 100 g (, e-mail: - dah kupas buang dalamnya
2 senduk nasi minyak masak

Cara memasak kuah:
Goreng bawang hingga wangi & perang
Tambah cili boh dan tumis hingga cili betul-betul masak
Tambah belacan, lengkuas, serai, limau purut, garam, ubi, ikan bilis, belimbing
Tambah air panas & gaul.
Ulang tambah air jika kuah jadi kering
Rasa dan tambah air atau garam (jangan bubuh gula)
Kuah ini masak sempurna jika ikan bilis dan ubi kentang jadi lembut
Hidang kuah semasa panas (panaskan dalam microwave oven jika kuah telah menjadi sejuk)

Carrot Walnut Cake

Source: Damira Bakery

Sumber: Sifu Suria


4 biji telur ~ asingkan putih & kuningnya
1 1/2 cawan ~ minyak sayur atau minyak jagung
150 g~ gula kaster (saya kurangkan jadi 130gm)
150 g~ gula perang (brown sugar)
1 1/2 cawan ~ lobak merah diparut ( jangan diperah airnya)

Bahan-bahan yang perlu di ayak:
250 g tepung gandum
1 teaspoon suduteh serbuk kayu manis ( saya tak letakpun sebab tak suka rasanya)
1 1/2 suduteh baking soda (saya guna 1 sudu teh baking soda aje)
1 suduteh garam
*1 sudu teh baking powder (* resepi asal tak letak pun, saya saja tambah)

100 g walnut ~ di cincang (saya bakar dahulu dalam oven sebelum dicincang- memang
sedap letak walnut ni!)


1. Pukulkan kuning telur (saya guna mixer, pukul sampai kembang sikit).
2. Kemudian masukkan minyak, gula kaster & gula perang, serta lobak merah
yang diparut tadi.(Sekiranya lobak merah yang diparut itu mengeluarkan terlalu
banyak air, buangkan airnya tanpa memerah isi lobak merah tersebut)
3. Masukkan walnut, kacau sebati.
4. Kemudian masukkan bahan-bahan yang di ayak tadi, kacau sebati.
5. Pukul putih telur di mangkuk lain dengan mixer hingga keras.
6. Masukkan putih telur ini sedikit demi sedikit ke dalam adunan, kacau perlahan-lahan,
satu arah sahaja, sila gunakan spatula atau senduk kayu, tak sebati sangat pun
tak apa asalkan tidak terlebih kacau.
7. Bakar pada suhu 180 celcius selama 45 minit atau sehingga masak.

120 g butter
250 g cream cheese
120 g gula aising

Caranya :
Pukul kesemua bahan hingga kembang dan ringan. Sapukan ke atas kek yang telah disejukkan dan hiasi dengan walnut.

Remarks: Tanpa frosting pun kek ini sedap dimakan....

Sesiapa yang rajin mencuba,.....Selamat Mencuba!
Sesiapa yang teringin nak rasa tapi malas nak buat sendiri call aje Damira Bakery...
Yati : 012-2733214