Friday, 8 January 2010

Pulut mangga

Glutinous rice with mango

Pulut mangga = pulut, santan, gula, mangga. 

We had pulut mangga for tea at my workplace. This is a Kelantan delicacy during the mango season. Pulut mangga is glutinous rice served with fresh mango cubes, thick fresh coconut milk (santan) and coarse granulated sugar. Simply yummy!

Two trays of chopped sweet mangoes and glutinous rice (pulut). 

To serve, scatter chopped sweet mangoes on steamed/cooked glutinous rice (pulut). 

Chopped sweet mangoes. Not all mangoes are sweet.
The sweet varieties are Pauh Raja, Pauh Siku Raja, and Pauh Lemak. 

Granulated sugar is essential. Thick fresh santan is slowly boiled with added salt and pandan leaf. Santan is the first to disappear from the serving table. Need a lot of santan for serving pulut mangga. 

Remember, santan is an edible saturated fat but low in cholesterol since it is from a plant source. Since it is a saturated fat, this is where it is harmful if taken in excess. So, take santan sparingly (makan sikit-sikit) and do not take it in excess. Do not take a lot of santan if you already suffer from arthritic pain in the limbs and knees as santan will worsen your condition. If the arthritic pain becomes very severe with santan consumption, then rub some halia bara cream (buy from Yusmira) to ease the pain. Then you should be alright. Halia bara is the same cream used for rubbing on the tummy for women during confinement following maternal delivery. There are 3 grades of halia bara (the menthol content varies). Higher menthol content makes the halia bara cream hotter (rasa panas pedih pada kulit).