Sunday, 28 August 2011

Malaysian Food Prices 18 August 2011

From theSunDaily, 18 August 2011

Chicken RM6.10/kg {1 whole chicken, 1.5 kg = RM16 in May 2017}

Beef RM20/kg {3 pieces cooked beef = RM5 in May 2017}

Eggs, large, grade A  36sen each

Red chillies  RM11/kg-RM13/kg - what is the cost of 1 chilli?

Tomatoes  RM4.50/kg

Shallots from India  RM4.50/kg

Garlic from China  RM6/kg


How much  will it cost to make scrambled eggs for breakfast for 2?
How much will it cost to make curry for dinner for a family of 8?
How much will it cost to make nasi minyak bawang goreng for 300 people?

Chillies - the most expensive vegetable-fruit in Malaysia today @RM11/kg-RM13/kg 

1 egg = 36 sen; 4 eggs = RM1.44 

1 chicken (1.5kg) = RM9.50 {RM16 in May 2017}

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Malay cakes

From Izaham Eze Musa's Facebook:

Kuih paling gangster = Lompat tikam
Kuih paling sexy = Puteri mandi
Kuih paling keji = Taik itik  (also called kuih recycle)
Kuih bajet cute = Cek Mek molek...
Kuih rentung = Apam bakar
Kuih orang Melayu suka tengok filem Bollywood = Kuih Bombay (sejenis bengkang)
Kuih Mat Rempit kena lenyek dengan lori = Rempeyek
Kuih bunga ros kena goreng = Kuih ros
Kuih kena tipu dengan sindiket peminta sedekah = Kuih pau
Kuih yang jimat letrik / kuih yang diperlukan dalam gelap = Tepung pelita
Kuih kalau nak makan kena balik rumah = Apam balik
Kuih Mariah Carey suka = Karipap
Kuih yang martabatkan agama, bangsa dan tanah air = Martabak
Kuih Neil Armstrong = Kuih bulan
Kuih untuk angkat makanan = Kuih talam
Kuih boleh isi barang = Kuih bakul
Kuih Ibrahim Ali = Cucok kodok / Lompat tikam
Kuih dapat 2 isteri muda sekali gus = Kuih anak dara dua sebilik
Kuih nyanyian makchik pakcik pencen = Kuih khasidah
Kuih tarian = Bubur cha-cha
Kuih terlebih BMI = Kuih gomok
Kuih tak pernah gi oversea pun boleh dapat = Kuih topi Mexico
Kuih dah pergi haji = Kuih tok aji serban
Kuih tak dak duit nak melawa = Kuih gelang
Kuih kena buat kalau tak berdosa = Kuih wajek
Kuih kena bawa tengok wayang = Kuih koci
Kuih untuk bungkus tepung = Kuih tepung bungkus

Nasi Arab * Nasi Biryani * Nasi Minyak

Nasi Arab uses spices from the wet market outside Makkah. You can smell the spices even without entering the spice shop.

Nasi Biryani uses Indian spices (made in Malaysia) which is more spicy than the spices used in Nasi Arab.

Both the above rice dishes are garnished with fried onions, roasted almonds, cashew nuts, sprigs of parsley, coriander, peppermint and diced celery leaves and spring onion. You will need a sour dish to accompany the rice, to take down all the fatty rice. Refer Acar buah.

Nasi Minyak (or Nasi Bawang as I call it) is rice prepared with fried large onions. The onion slices are fried in plenty of butter or ghee until light brown (sometimes a bit more brown is tastier) and spices (cinnamon stick, star anise, cardamom pods, cloves, fennel etc). Then the fried onions are added to the rice either before cooking or about the time the rice is half cooked. Salt is added to taste. This rice is very fragrant. It is usually served at Aidilfitri/Aidiladha at Perth Mosque. It is very nice to eat this rice at the mosque under the tree in winter!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Acar buah

I like acar buah (fruit salad appetiser). How to make this dish?


a medium Bombay onion or a Holland onion (white/yellow onion).
sweet pitted prunes
sweet seedless grapes
salt vinegar


Slice or shred all ingredients thinly. You may want to add dried fruits such as sweet pitted prunes or sweet seedless grapes. Mix in a bowl and add sugar, salt, and vinegar. Stir to mix and set aside at room temperature (RT) for flavours to combine. Serve with steaming hot Nasi Arab or Nasi Briyani.

Seafood Casserole

This seems like a nice seafood recipe. Leave out the sherry as it is alcoholic. The combination of butter, flour, salt, milk, and cheese makes a good base for any seafood, especially crab. If using crab, remove and discard the carapace. Boil the crabs with a little salt and then cut them in half (can also cut first and then boil the crab halves). Then add to the seasoned flour mixture. Add herbs. What herbs go with crabs? I don't know yet. Top with breadcrumbs, cheese and more butter for added flavour. Bake till a brown crispy top forms (breadcrumbs are already brown anyway).

You must have an oven to bake a casserole. You need a large ovenproof glass dish to bake a casserole. A metal tray will also be ok. You can use aluminium foil to cover the casserole for baking so it doesn't burn the top (prick the foil to release steam).

Kursus Nasi Arab (KUNA)

I think it is worthwhile for young people to take this course and learn how to cook, and then operate a business. Nasi Arab is very delicious!

Sindhi biryani

There are many versions of biryani but the northern Indian biryani is said to be one of the best. Here is the recipe for a northern Indian biryani.

The word Sindhi is more appropriate and specific to the Sindhi region in northern India. I am a Sindhi descendant. Sindhi is the same as Pakistani.

Here's Sindhi Biryani recipe for you.

Khana Pakana Recipes

You must have seen and heard of wonderful Asian recipes & dishes served at restaurants and wanted to learn them. Here's a website that has about everything you need to know & how to cook these famous dishes. Some of the good ones are lassi and keema. Give it a try!