Monday, 3 September 2012

Nasi Goreng (2) Sos Tomato

This is a simple breakfast recipe for the uninitiated. Instead of the usual tomato sauce, I used Dolmio spicy tomato sauce with pepper. Turns out better than the usual tomato sauce. Try it!

Nasi goreng sos tomato


2 plates cold rice/overnight rice 
a bunch of kacang botol
3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoonful dried prawns
1 red chilli
2 eggs
3 tablespoonful cooking oil
2 tablespoonful Dolmio tomato sauce (spicy pepper) - buy from TESCO


Heat rice in microwave oven.
Wash and cut kacang botol slantwise (potong serong)
Soak dried prawns in hot water till soft and then pound finely.
Add garlic and pound.
Add chilli and pound.
Heat oil in kuali.
Fry dried prawn-garlic-chilli paste/mixture till fragrant.
Add 2 eggs and stir to cook through.
Add kacang botol and stir. 
Add some salt and stir.
Add rice and stir carefully. Cook on low fire to avoid burning (jadi kerak).
Add salt to taste.
Add Dolmio tomato sauce.
Immediately turn off fire. 
(Do not use fire when using tomato sauce as it creates harmful substances which can cause cancer.)
Stir to mix.
Adjust taste.
Serve hot with salty soy sauce.