Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Ikan masak lemak daun kadok & daun kesum

This recipe was obtained from Ahmad Suhairi in FB (DrUwais Ahmadi in FB). It sounded delicious so I decided to try it one night.


2 ikan kerisi
1 packet santan powder
3 cloves of garlic
1 small Bombay onion
daun kadok - about 6 large pieces
daun kesum - about 1 handful
2 tablespoonful cooking oil
salt to taste
warm-hot water - about 1 electric kettle (1.7 litres)
1 packet ikan bilis seasoning for fried rice (use a little or entire packet)

How to cook

Thaw the frozen fish
Fry onion and garlic till soft and light brown
Add warm-hot water
Add powdered santan and stir to mix
Let santan boil through
Add fish
Add ikan bilis seasoning and salt to taste
Cut the daun kadok with a pair of scissors to 1" width
Strip daun kesum from their stalks - should be able to get 1 handful
When the fish is almost done, add daun kadok and daun kesum. Stir to submerge all leaves
Let the leaves soften or become limp
Switch off the fire
Serve hot with rice