Friday, 22 January 2010

Colek buah

Kelantan fruit salad

Be careful about using prawn paste or petis as it is made from prawns. Prawns are a high source of cholesterol. If you already have high blood cholesterol levels, then don't use so much petis. Reduce the amount of petis in the sauce. This is especially so if you are eating fresh fruit salads daily (like I do at times).

Yus punya colek

Mummy punya colek

Unripe papaya slices served with fruit sauce

Unripe crispy sweet mango (pauh lemak)
Unripe red papaya (betik muda, betik solo variety)
Sweet pineapple (nenas manis)
Starfruit (belimbing air)
Guava (jambu air, jambu batu)
Pomelo (limau Bali, limau Tambun)
Pomegranate (delima)

Wash and cut all fruits into bite size
Place all cut fruit pieces in a bowl and cover
Refrigerate if necessary

2 garlic (bawang putih)
2 shallots (bawah merah kecil)
3/4 piece small palm sugar (gula keret/Melaka yang kecil)
3 tabsp ground chili (3 sudu besar cili boh cap Puteri)
1 tabsp dried shrimp paste (hancurkan belacan, guna 1 sudu besar)
1 laddleful cooking oil (minyak masak)
1 teasp fine table salt
1 cup hot water

Optional #1:
1 teasp cornstarch or edible palmstarch (tepung kanji)
2 tabsp cool boiled water
Mix cornstarch with water before use
Use palmstarch directly

Optional #2:
Use freshly pounded dried shrimp or geragau in place of belacan

Heat wok (kuali) and fry onions till brown and fragrant
Add ground chili, shrimp paste, salt and mix. Fry 5 minutes
Break up palm sugar and add to wok. Stir to mix
Add hot water
Adjust taste
Adjust consistency if desired (add cornstarch/palmstarch)
Remove from heat
Stand to cool before serving
Keep sauce covered and away from ants
Store sauce in glass bottles. Cap tightly

Malaysian fish crisps (keropok ikan)
Fry fish crisps in vegetable oil and place on paper towel
Remove as much oil as possible
Store in air tight container
(Goreng keropok dan tekap buang minyak. Simpan keropok dalam bekas kedap udara atau bubuh dalam beg plastik dan ikat kemas.)

Place cut fruit pieces in a bowl
Pour sauce over fruits
Sprinkle dried chili flakes/powder and coarse table sugar
Add crushed fish crisps
Serve immediately once sauce has been added
Eat up!