Sunday, 24 June 2018

Corned beef

How to make corned beef

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Dinner at Kengsom Thai Restaurant

Kengsom Thai Restaurant
S/27, Lot 255 & 256
Jalan Kebun Sultan
Kota Bharu, Kelantan
- air-cond
- specialty is kengsom (asam pedas)
- hours: 12 noon to 10 pm (kitchen closes at 9.45 pm for last orders)
- can RSVP
- each round table fits 8 people comfortably

We celebrated my 59th birthday at Kengsom Thai Restaurant in Kota Bharu. This was my first time and my husband's second time. He had lunch before. 

This was what we had for dinner between 9:15 pm and 10:10 pm:
  1. Kacang goreng RM2 ... served before food and drinks
  2. Ikan goreng 3 rasa RM48
  3. Udang butter susu RM 66
  4. Ayam padprik RM20
  5. Telur stim (bungkus)  RM20
  6. Kangkung ikan masin RM16
  7. Sup tauhu ayam RM25
  8. Rice RM14 for 6 people
  9. Drinks RM18 for 6 people
Total: RM242.74
GST 6%: RM13.74

Works out to RM40 per head.

Food was delicious and appropriate portions.

Service was fast - about 15 minutes prep and waiting after ordering.

There is ample parking under the big tree at the end of the building.

Beautiful wall art 

Crispy milky butter prawns 

Tender ayam padprik 

Crispy ikan siakap goreng 3 rasa

Clear soup with chicken burger balls and soft Japanese tofu, flavoured with ground black pepper, spring onion and celery.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Dinner at Restoran KST

My cousin Jeffrey and his wife came to visit Kota Bharu and we went to have dinner. My son Muhammad knew Restoran KST and suggested we eat there. The restaurant is open after 4.30 pm till late night. We ordered and selected the various fish, squids and ray fish. We waited 1 hour for the seafood to be cooked and for food to arrive. In the meantime, we tucked in on drinks and ulam. Finally, the seafood was ready and we had dinner. We stopped to perform Maghrib prayer in the tiny staff surau. Then we continued to talk and finally parted and went home.

Restoran KST
Lot 3050
Wakaf Che Yeh
Jalan Kuala Krai
15100 Kota Bharu

Table 11
Bill no. RCB200020504
Date: 08/04/2017  19:55 ((8 April 2017, 7:55 pm)

What we ordered for 8 diners:

  1. Apple Susu Ais (1) 3.00
  2. Fresh Orange Ais (1) 3.00
  3. Teh O Panas (1) 1.00
  4. Limau Nipis Panas (1) 1.80
  5. Teh Tarik Panas (1) 2.00
  6. Teh Hijau Ais (1) 3.00
  7. Limau Nipis Ais (1) 2.00
  8. Limau Nipis Panas (1) 1.80
  9. Sirap Limau Ais (1) 2.00 ... repeat order

  1. Ulam (2) 6.00 ... free choice of vegetables from a large selection
  2. Sup Daging (3) 18.00 ... a lot of beef
  3. Sup Cendawan (3) 16.50
  4. Nasi Putih (8) 12.00
  5. Sotong Celup Tepung, 450 gram x 0.065 (1) 29.25 ... nice and soft
  6. Siakap 3 Rasa, 750 x 0.055 (1) 41.25 ... delicious
  7. Selar NP.PHAU (1) 24.70
  8. Sup Daging (3) 18.00 ... repeat order
  9. Telur Dadar (3) 6.00
  10. Pari Rempah, 600 gram x 0.04 (1) 24.00 ... a lot of spices
Sub Total: 215.30
GST 6%: 12.92
Rounding: -0.02

Grand Total (RM) 228.20 ... (comes to RM28.50 per head ... less than RM30 per head)

Thank You. Please Come Again.

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Laksa Siam / Laksa Thai

SPM 2017 - Makan-Makan: Kerabu Kaki Ayam Dan Laksa Siam (11 Mac 2017)

Laksa Siam / Laksa Thai


(1) KUAH MERAH (kuah kari ikan)

cili kering
bawang merah
ikan - kisar halus

(2) ULAM

Semua jenis ulam boleh dimakan bersama laksa Siam.

daun salad
daun pudina
daun salam/daun selasih (Thai basil)
kacang panjang - potong 3" panjang
pucuk petai
pucuk gajus/ketereh
taugeh - buang akar dan kulit
kacang botol - tak payah potong
timun - hiris macam buat acar - potong 2" panjang
buah terung bulat (saiz kecil) - potong 6

(3) MEE

Mee laksa dijual siap untuk dimakan.
Bilas dengan air suam atau air panas.


Cara memasak kuah kari ikan

Rebus dan masak kuah laksa (kuah kari ikan kisar)
Masak hingga kuah menjadi pekat
Biar masak dan panas ketika menghidang

Cara menghidang laksa Siam

Susun ulam dan sayur dalam pinggan atau dulang besar.
Sediakan mangkuk dan sudu untuk makan
Bubuh mee dan susun ulaman/sayur di atas mee
Curahkan kuah laksa Siam di atas mee
Terus makan panas-panas

Kerabu Kaki Ayam

SPM 2017 - Makan-Makan: Kerabu Kaki Ayam Dan Laksa Siam (11 Mac 2017)

Thai food - Chicken feet salad

Chicken feet recipe

Kerabu Kaki Ayam


1 paket kaki ayam - rebus dan buang tulang
buah tomato - potong 6
cili padi - cincang
daun sup - gunting 1"
1/2 - 1 biji buah limau nipis - perah ambil jus
gula - secukup rasa
perencah perasa Maggi - secukup rasa


(1) Memasak kaki ayam (2 jam sebelum makan)

1 packet chicken feet (20 pcs white chicken feet)
Clean chicken feet. Snip off claws and dirty footpads
Rinse chicken feet

Boil some water, add some salt
Boil chicken feet for 20-30 minutes
Let boiled chicken feet stand 30 minutes
Rinse chicken feet under cold running tap water to stop further cooking

Add 1/2 teasp sugar to 1 cup vinegar. Mix well with a wooden spatula.
Transfer chicken feet to a large plastic bowl.
Pour vinegar mixture onto chicken feet and mix
Cover chicken feet with sufficient water
Marinate in refrigerator for 1 hour
Strain all water
Transfer chicken feet to a bowl (ready to eat)

(2) Buat air kerabu dahulu

Campurkan bahan berikut dalam mangkuk besar dan kacau sebati:

Sos kicap ikan
perencah perasa Maggi
perahan jus buah limau nipis
Kacau sebati setisp kali tambah

(3) Kemudian campurkan bahan buah:

Campurkan bahan berikut ke dalam air kerabu dan kacau sebati:

bawang merah
buah tomato
Kacau sebati setiap kali tambah

(4) Masukkan kaki ayam

Campurkan kaki ayam yang telah direbus dan dibuangkan tulangnya.
Tulang mesti dibuang supaya kerabu mudah dimakan.

(5) Pewangi

Masukkan daun sup yang digunting. Gaul sebati.

(6) Adjust secukup rasa

Rasa dan adjust rasa kerabu.
Kerabu ini crunchy dan sedap dimakan bersama nasi.
Kerabu ayam sedap dimakan panas atau sejuk.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Potato poori

Potato poori is a savoury Indian vegetarian crisp.


2 boiled potatoes (150 g)
1 Cup wheat flour (150 g)
1 Tabsp chopped cilantro
1/8 teasp turmeric powder 
1/8 to 1/4 teasp red chilli powder
Salt to taste
50 ml water
1 Tabsp cooking oil for coating dough
Oil for deep frying


Mixing bowl
Frying pan
Rolling pin
Flat surface

  1. Add boiled potatoes to mixing bowl
  2. Mash potatoes with the right hand till they become a soft crumbly mass
  3. Roll the mashed potato into a ball in the bowl.
  4. Add wheat flour
  5. Add turmeric powder/paste
  6. Add chilli powder
  7. Add salt to taste
  8. Add chopped coriander leaves
  9. Mix all ingredients in the bowl with the right hand
  10. Add 50 ml water and mix into a soft dough
  11. Roll dough into a ball
  12. Coat dough with a Tabsp of cooking oil to prevent it from becoming sticky
  13. Take 2 Tabsp of dough into the right hand and shape into a ball. Then flatten it.
  14. Place it on a flat surface and add oil to grease it before rolling
  15. Roll dough into round disc, not too thick or too thin
  16. Repeat till all dough have been rolled to make round discs
  17. Heat oil in a frying pan. Wait till oil is sufficiently hot before frying the potato pancake
  18. Fry one potato pancake at a time. 
  19. Fry both sides for 2 minutes until crispy
  20. Remove and drain excess oil
  21. Serve warm

Cashew nut and paneer barfi

This is a sweet Indian dessert.
It is simple to make and serve.


1 Cup (150 g) raw cashew nuts (skin removed)
250 g paneer
3/4 Cup (150 g) sugar
1 Cup milk
2 Tabsp ghee
1/2 teasp cardamom powder
Chopped pistachio


Metal plate
Non stick pan
Plastic spatula
Modak mold


Paneer (pronounced panir) is fresh cottage cheese. It is fresh curd cheese. It is white, soft (like tauhu) and crumbles easily. It is made by mixing milk with vinegar and then strained to remove excess liquid. It is sour.

It is a plastic mold for shaping dumplings into pointed domes.

  1. Soak cashew nuts in milk for 2 hours.
  2. Blend soaked cashew nuts till coarsely fine (becomes a runny chunky white milk)
  3. Add sugar and blend
  4. Add paneer and blend (becomes a thick white mixture)
  5. Fry in non stick pan in 2 Tabsp ghee. Stir all the time. Use med-low heat (becomes thick and pliable).
  6. Stir until semi-solid. Switch off heat. 
  7. Add cardamom powder to mixture in pan and stir thoroughly to mix.
  8. Use ghee to grease a metal plate. 
  9. Pour white putty mixture onto a pre-greased metal plate and spread mixture evenly.
  10. Sprinkle chopped pistachio onto mixture and gently press pistachios into the surface
  11. Leave for 3-4 hours in a cool place or in front of a fan to set before cutting
  12. Cut in to square pieces and arrange on a plate
  13. Extra paste can be pressed into modak pieces
  14. Serve squares separate from modak.
  15. Refrigerate leftover barfi for up to a week.