Sunday, 26 August 2012

Nasi Goreng (1) Mixed Vegetables

There are many versions of nasi goreng (fried rice). Plain nasi goreng is the easiest to make for any beginner. Then progress to vary the flavour - soy sauce (kicap), tomato sauce/paste, etc.



3 cloves garlic (3 ulas bawang putih)
2 eggs (2 biji telur)
1-2 plates of cooked rice (1-2 pinggan nasi) - overnight rice is best/nasi semalam
salt to taste
1 teaspoonful granulated sugar (1 sudu kecil gula halus)
3 tablespoonful cooking oil (3 sudu makan minyak masak)
spring onion/onion leaves - chopped (daun bawang)
celery - chopped (daun sadri)
1 red chilli (1 cili merah)

Optional ingredients:

1 inch ginger (1 inci halia) 
half small bowl of mixed vegetables (sayur campur) 
1 tablespoonful soy sauce (1 sudu besar kicap masin) 
3 teaspoonful tomato paste/sauce (3 sudu kecil sos/pes tomato) - for Italian style nasi goreng
1 paket Perencah Nasi Goreng Adabi - for Malay style fried rice
1 tablespoonful margarine/butter - for Chinese style fried rice


Peel and crush or pound garlic and ginger (optional). Tumbuk bawang putih & halia.
Fry crushed garlic (and ginger) till brown.
Add eggs. Stir to mix.
Add chopped onions leaves and celery. 
Stir to cook added vegetables.
Wash and cook mixed vegetables in microwave oven (cook without water).
Add mixed vegetables to mixture. 
Chop red chilli and add to mixture.
Add a little salt and stir.
Heat rice separately in microwave oven.
Add rice to mixture and stir.
Add salt and sugar to taste

Season with optional ingredients for additional flavour:

Add soy sauce and tomato paste.
Or add Perencah Nasi Goreng Adabi.

Crushed or pounded garlic. 

Fried garlic and eggs 

Frozen onion leaves and celery. 

This is how much onion leaves and celery to add - about a tablespoonful of each. 

After adding onion leaves, celery, eggs, garlic. 

Mixed vegetables from TESCO (RM3.50 per packet). 

Cooked mixed vegetables (half a small bowl). Must heat this properly as the frozen mixture tends to harbour Streptococcus (a type of bacteria). 

Frozen red chilli. Wash first. Cut while still frozen. 

Coarsely sliced/chopped frozen red chilli 

After adding all vegetables and chilli. 

Break up overnight rice (keep in refrigerator overnight). Heat up in rice cooker. 

This is plain nasi goreng (putih). Modify this to get other flavours. Adjust seasoning:

Add soy sauce (tambah kicap) 

Use any tomato sauce or paste. Do not use very sour tomato paste. 

With added soy sauce and tomato paste. Then stir to mix.