Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Seafood Casserole

This seems like a nice seafood recipe. Leave out the sherry as it is alcoholic. The combination of butter, flour, salt, milk, and cheese makes a good base for any seafood, especially crab. If using crab, remove and discard the carapace. Boil the crabs with a little salt and then cut them in half (can also cut first and then boil the crab halves). Then add to the seasoned flour mixture. Add herbs. What herbs go with crabs? I don't know yet. Top with breadcrumbs, cheese and more butter for added flavour. Bake till a brown crispy top forms (breadcrumbs are already brown anyway).

You must have an oven to bake a casserole. You need a large ovenproof glass dish to bake a casserole. A metal tray will also be ok. You can use aluminium foil to cover the casserole for baking so it doesn't burn the top (prick the foil to release steam).