Sunday, 29 November 2009

Sri Gemilang Catering (defunct)

Update 4 June 2017: Sri Gemilang has ceased operations. It catered for my Professorial Talk on 17 June 2010, and then closed down.

Sri Gemilang Catering
Jalan Padang Tembak
Pengkalan Chepa, Kelantan
Owner: Puan Hajjah Norizan bt Talib (Kak Zae, H/P: 013-950 1297)
Company: Syarikat Norizan Talib
Contact: Kak Zae/Kamil/Iskandar Adam
Nik Ahmad Kamil b Nik Hassan, Penolong Pengurus 1, H/P: 014-810 9720
Iskandar Adam/Iskandar Dzul Hamdan b Zainal Abidin, Penolong Pengurus 2, H/P: 019-999 0706 / 012-949 9381

Menu (RM8.00 per head)
1. Nasi putih
2. Nasi briyani
3. Gulai darat (kari daging lembu masak kampung)
4. Kerutuk daging
5. Ayam goreng
6. Sayur campur
7. Ikan kering
8. Sambal
9. Paceri nenas (air)
10. Akok
11. Air sirap
12. Air teh

Menyediakan perkhidmatan katering dan kanopi untuk majlis perkahwinan, majlis rasmi dan lain-lain perkhidmatan makanan.
Please note that the caterer will prepare extra food for an additional 200 people on top of your order, just in case you need extra food. You have to inform the caterer by 1pm or 2 pm if you require this extra food. You must pay for this extra food once it is delivered to your house.
Please also note that kampung folks eat a bigger portion compared to their city counterparts! You have to know whom you are inviting.
Please note that this caterer can cook daging qurban (1 ekor lembu) but it will be more expensive than if you just order daging kerutuk.

500 people = RM4,000 (first order)
+ 200 people = + RM250 ("nasi stand-by" if insufficient first order)

Food supply 

Dinnerware supply 

Cups supply 

Drink dispenser 


Men come to eat after Isya' prayer 

Children enjoying dinner 

Briyani rice 

Sambal belacan 

Kuih akok