Saturday, 24 September 2011

Kelantan Breakfast

Kg Chicha Breakfast Medley

This is a lovely "vegetarian" breakfast for those who prefer some meat and more vegetarian taste. This is more like a Mediterranean dish but I made it at home in Kg Chicha. I made it for breakfast. I have not tasted it anywhere else. This recipe is original and really tastes good. Please try it.

2 large tomatoes (do not use the sour variety)
1 large white/yellow onion (use China/Holland/Belgian onion. Do not use red Bombay onion)
1 cucumber/ 1Cup mushroom (version 1 uses cucumber; version 2 uses frozen mushroom)
1-2 tablespoon ground beef (approx. 2in x 2in frozen ground beef)
1 Tablespoonful chopped spring onion (daun bawang)
<1/2 teaspoonful Oregano (use coarse Oregano, not powdered Oregano; use sparingly)
<1 teaspoonful fine salt (use less if possible)
<1/2 teaspoon powdered white pepper (omit if you are allergic to pepper; use sparingly)
1 Tablespoonful cooking oil
1 teaspoon kicap HABHAL masin (any soy sauce will do)

Wash and slice the tomatoes. Remove all seeds. Chop the tomato slices.
Wash and slice the onion. Chop the onion slices.
Wash and slice cucumber approx 1cm thick. Remove seeds. Chop the cucumber slices. 
OR Thaw and cut up mushroom.
Thaw ground beef in the microwave oven. Don't overcook.
Heat up kuali and add oil.
Fry ground beef till soft and cooked through.
Add chopped onion. Stir to cook till soft, transparent, and light brown.
Add chopped cucumber/mushroom. Stir to cook briefly.
Add salt. Stir.
Add chopped spring onion. Stir.
Add Oregano. Stir.
Add chopped tomatoes. Stir.
Add pepper. Stir.
Add kicap/soy sauce. Stir. [Adjust salt/soy sauce amount or ratio. Use less salt, more soy sauce.]
Switch off stove.
Scoop vegetable medley into a pretty bowl.
Serve hot with fresh hot toast or eat it as is.
Drink hot coffee with milk.
That's the best breakfast!
Bon appetite!

Basic ingredients for filling:

3 big tomatoes and 1 large onion 

1 large white Holland onion (bawang besar warna putih) 

Chopped white onion 

Chopped tomatoes 

Use one third of a ground beef sausage pack

Thaw the ground beef in the microwave oven (don't overcook) 

Dried coarse oregano leaves, white pepper powder, and HABHAL salty soy sauce 

Now decide whether to make v1 (plain filling), or v2 (cucumber) or v3 (mushroom) flavoured filling.

v1 - Plain ground beef filling

Basic ingredients: 1 onion, 2-3 tomatoes, spring onion, celery, a third ground beef 

Basic ground beef filling 

v2 - Cucumber-flavoured filling 

Fry onion first till soft. Add ground beef and cook till tender. Add cucumber. Do not overcook. 

After adding tomatoes 

Colourful, delicious cucumber filling 

v3 - Mushroom-flavoured filling

Frozen mushroom/Kulat putih @RM7.99/kg (12 Sept 2011) 

Fry onion. Fry ground beef. Add tomatoes and mushrooms. Do not overcook. 

Mushroom-flavoured filling