Monday, 31 October 2011

Peria katak for gout

I was watching a YouTube video and the crew visited the fresh market. A lady pointed to peria katak, medium-sized bittergourd. She said she had problems with her joints and sought help from her friends. Somebody told her to take juice from the small bittergourd. She tried taking juice extracted from peria katak and her joint pains disappeared and she was happy.

I visited the fresh market at Pulau Melaka and asked a stall owner about peria katak. There were 2 types of bittergourds (peria) that I saw - a medium and a small variety. The normal size one is referred to as peria. The small (almost) rounded bittergourd is called peria katak or frog bittergourd.

What a surprise! The lady in the YouTube video pointed to the medium-sized bittergourd as peria katak. Now the stall owner tells me, peria katak is actually the small rounded bittergourd, (and which resemble frogs!).  The peria katak is a small bittergourd, almost rounded and with pox-like skin. The peria katak resembles a frog, maybe a bullfrog!

Normal long soft peria (bittergourd) for blanching and frying.

Unusually small hardy peria katak (frog bittergourd) which the Malays use for controlling diabetes (kencing manis)