Saturday, 17 December 2011

Ayam goreng

Fried chicken (ayam goreng) must be prepared fresh. Use fresh chicken if possible. The chicken can be prepared a day ahead before frying, and stored frozen. Thaw before use.

To make ayam goreng, follow the recipe below.

1kg fresh chicken (~RM12) - cut into 8 pieces or smaller (potong lapan atau kecil lagi)
3 cloves garlic (3 ulas bawang putih)
Salt-tumeric premix (garam-kunyit yang sudah siap dibancuh)
Very little MSG/Aji-no-moto (can omit)
Cooking oil

Crush garlic and mix with chicken pieces
Add salt-tumeric premix to chicken pieces and mix
Add MSG/Aji-no-moto (use sparingly as MSG causes migraine) and mix
Heat up oil in kuali/wok
Fry chicken pieces till golden
Serve hot with plain white rice

Fresh chicken 

Ayam goreng