Sunday, 18 July 2010


King of tropical fruits

Durian, king of fruits

If durian is king then I am its eating queen! LOL. Durian tells its own story. Some Mat Salleh say it stinks like the WC while the Malays gobble every bit of the fleshy yellow pericarp. We are worlds apart when it comes to durian. I love durian as it smells of magnolia but durian is edible. If the Mat Salleh thinks magnolia is queen of flowers, I must say durian is both king & queen of flowers and fruits! Even durian flowers are said to be edible but I have not tried it.

Which durian is best? Depends on your taste-buds and nostrils and the connection between the two. If you are checking out durian, then I would suggest use your sense of smell and shut your eyes.

The durian aroma comes from many chemical substances - I don't know them all.

The heatiness of durian comes from an active ingredient, tyramine. Check it out on Wikipedia!

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