Sunday, 18 July 2010

Kuah cili

Malay style chili sauce

If nobody has ever taught you how to make this Malay style chili sauce, then I'm going to teach you and you will learn just that here.

Fresh chili in soy sauce
Red chilies
Green chilies
Orange chilies
Yellow chilies
White chilies
Soy sauce (salty variety)

Sort out the good chilies from the spoiled ones.
Wash chilies thoroughly and repeat washing 3X.
Rinse once more with clean running water.
Rinse in cooled boiled water.
Toss in colander to dry.
Keep in refirigerator if you don't have time now.
Come back later.

Cut chilies into bead-sized pieces with a sharp paring knife.
Avoid chili juices splashing in your eyes
Don't rub your eyes if you are cutting chilies or you will regret the agony!

Place cut chilies in a small glass/porcelain bowl.
Pour soy sauce to cover chilies (dunk them).
You can add salt, sugar and vinegar to taste if you wish.
Serve with rice.
Bon appetite!