Sunday, 22 August 2010

Chocolate cake with custard & cinnamon

Buka puasa / Ramadan dessert

This recipe uses a chocolate chip pound cake available from TESCO (RM4.99) and homemade custard as gravy. This dish is suitable for breaking of the fast (buka puasa). This is a sweet dish/dessert. You can prepare this dish 15 minutes before buka puasa but work fast. The photos here were an afterthought. I didn't know whether this dish was going to make it to the table after all as I have not made custard for quite some time. This dessert is safe for children and overweight adults. Do not have a second serve.

Chocolate chip cake with custard and cinnamon (serving size) 

1 Chocolate chip pound cake from TESCO (RM4.99)
3 Tabsp Kings custard powder (use more for thicker consistency)
3 Tabsp sweetened condensed milk (use less if diabetic)
1 Tabsp sugar(omit if diabetic)
McCormick cinnamon powder
Pot of water (about 5 cups)

Non-stick pot (not mine, it's my eldest daughter's)
A plastic or wooden ladle would do
5 Soup bowls (can buy them from Pantai Timur in KB)

Slice chocolate chip cake into 1cm slices and place in bowls
Cut each slice in half and tuck in bowl so they won't float when you pour the custard later
Boil water and add sweetened condensed milk
Add custard powder and stir to mix (avoid starch globs)
Add sugar and keep stirring to avoid overboiling
When custard starts to thicken to consistency, switch off fire
Pour 3 ladle-full of custard over chocolate chip slice in serving bowl
Dash with powdered cinnamon (not too much as cinnamon is bitter)
Serve immediately while still warm (else the custard will soak the cake and become an ugly brown colour from the cake)
Bon appetite!

Chocolate chip pound cake from TESCO 

Kings custard powder and powdered cinnamon 

Custard in non-stick pot 

Make lots of them! They sure taste good! Tak dapat kat kedai.LOL