Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Bread and margarine pudding with custard

Ramadan dessert

This recipe uses old pieces of bread. When old, bread has a sour smell - they are still safe to eat. Only make this dessert when you have old bread and don't know what to do with them. Never throw away old bread (jangan membazir). You can reduce the amount of sweetness by reducing the amount of sugar. Prepare this dessert about 1 hour before buka puasa.

9 pieces of old bread (Gardenia, etc)
1 tabsp margarine
2 tabsp strawberry jam (can also use other jams)
9 tabsp sweetened condensed milk
2 teasp sugar
1 egg
6 tabsp Kings custard powder
cooled boiled water
4 tabsp raisins (any type will do)

1 medium non stick pot
1 plastic ladle (senduk plastik)
1 knife (to spread margarine)
1 teaspoon (to spread jam)
1 microwave oven-proof container, large enough to hold 9 pieces of bread

Wash and dry the microwave container.
Mix 2 tabsp sweetened condensed milk with some water for soaking bread.
Soak each piece of bread and arrange in the microwave container.
Spread margarine on the soaked bread and then spread jam on the top layers.
Layer with next piece of bread and repeat till all of the bread pieces are used.

Arrange old pieces of bread previously soaked in milk, in a microwave container 

Sweetened condensed milk, margarine, strawberry jam, milk and old bread 

Spread margarine and then strawberry jam on each piece of soaked bread 

Spread some raisins on the topmost layer of bread 

In a separate bowl, mix water and 2 tabsp custard water.
Add 1 egg. Do not beat the mixture after adding the egg. Mix lightly to mix. 
Pour egg mixture onto bread in the microwave container. 

Sweetened condensed milk, custard powder and milk. Add egg next 

After adding egg to milk-custard mixture. Do not beat this mixture. Add to bread pieces 

Egg-custard-milk mixture poured over the bread. Cover all the bread.
Bake in microwave oven for 5 min 

Heat bread pieces in microwave oven for 5 minutes (or longer) till the liquid is gone.
Prick the bread with a fork to create tiny holes to let air escape.
Cover holes with any liquid present (use a spoon to do this)
Continue to heat in microwave oven till liquid is all gone.

Remove bread & margarine pudding from microwave oven.
Use a spoon to scoop a large portion of the bread & margarine pudding and place in each serving bowl - 4 bowls will do. 
Refrigerate leftover pudding.

After baking, scoop bread & margarine pudding and place in bowls.
Then pour custard over pudding pieces 

Heat water, 2 tabsp sweetened condensed milk and 2 teasp sugar in non stick pot over slow fire.
Stir constantly to avoid foaming and over-boiling.
Do not overboil. 

Add 2 tabsp raisins.

In a separate bowl, mix 2 tabsp custard powder with 1 cup water
Add custard mixture to non stick pot.
Boil mixture once and remove from fire.

Pour custard over bread & margarine pudding.

Fill up each bowl with sufficient custard to within 1cm of the rim.
Avoid spilling custard.

Serve warm. 

Bon appetite!

Bread & margarine pudding with custard. Serve warm