Thursday, 2 September 2010

French toast

Roti goreng telur

This is a quick dessert to prepare when you have nothing else to make for berbuka puasa. If you are used to breakfast with bread, margarine and eggs, you may still have old bread from last week or earlier this week. Use this recipe to clear your refrigerator of old bread so you can buy a new loaf of bread. Don't throw away old bread. This recipe in sufficient for 4-5 people and can be served at berbuka. You can continue to eat any leftover after berbuka - ie after solat maghrib/isya'/terawih.

Half loaf of bread (~9 keping roti Gardenia)
5 eggs
2 tabsp evaporated milk (susu cair Carnation)
1/2 teasp salt
A little bit of water (sedikit air)
1/4 teasp pepper (sedikit serbuk lada hitam)
1/2 cup cooking oil

Kuali / frying pan
Flat ladle (senduk leper)

You can use less eggs (4 eggs if you have 4 people eating).
You can omit the milk if you don't have any.
Do not substitute evaporated milk with condensed milk.

Beat eggs in a bowl till fluffy (pukul telur sampai kembang).
Add water to salt and mix. Add salt water to eggs and mix.
Add pepper to egg mixture and mix.
Heat oil in kuali / frying pan.
Dip each piece of bread in egg mixture, toss extra egg, place bread in kuali.
Fry each piece till brown and then turn over to fry the other side.
Remove bread when both sides are golden brown.
Arrange bread on a plate.
Serve hot with peanut butter and honey or jam.
Bon appetite!

French toast with peanut butter and honey/jam