Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Fried watercress

Kangkong goreng

There are many different types of watercress (sayur kangkong) sold in the local market. One type has medium leaves and not-so-tender stems - this is for frying. Another type has soft broad leaves and tender stems - this is for blanching for making salads (ulam). There are also varieties with small leaves - they are useful for cooking with Maggi instant noodles. This recipe below is for fried watercress using watercress with broad leaves & tender stems variety.

2 bunches of watercress (2 ikat kangkong)
1 tabsp dried shrimps
1 shallot
2 garlic
half red chili
hot water
running tap water

Wooden spatula
Mortar and pestle (lesung)

Wash and cut watercress (kangkong).
Soak shrimps in hot water and let shrimps swell.
Drain water and replace with tap water. Let soak.
Drain water from shrimps.
Pound shrimps till they become fibres (no lumps).
Add shallot and garlic. Pound till they become coarse pieces (not fine pieces).
Add chili and pound till chili becomes coarse pieces (not fine pieces).
Heat kuali and fry pounded ingredients till mixture is an even brown colour and releases fragrance.
Add cut watercress (kangkong) and stir to mix.
Add salt and water.
Remove from heat when watercress has softened.
Serve hot with rice.