Friday, 17 September 2010


September 16 Tripoline Brunch
Malaysia Day / Hari Malaysia

This is the first time that Malaysia celebrates Malaysia Day / Hari Malaysia. So I decided to cook tripoline for the first time as I did not have any spaghetti.

1 packet Tripoline
1 big white onion
1 medium red onion/Bombay onion
1 shallot
4 cloves garlic
1 pack Ramly ground beef
1 piece/1 patty Ramly beefburger
10 cherry tomatoes / 4 large tomaotes
1 packet Maggi Bolognese sauce mix (60g)
Spring onion
Oregano (dried specs, not finely grounded)
Hot water

Big pot to boil tripoline
Big bowl to place tripoline after boiling
Aluminium rice pot (to use with collander)
Wooden laddle

(1) To prepare tripoline
Boil water and add 2 teaspoonful salt plus 1 tablespoonful cooking oil.
The salt will season the tripoline slightly.
The oil will prevent tripoline strands from sticking to each other.
Boil tripoline till tender (lembut). Stir constantly to avoid sticking.
Remove tripoline from heat and separate tripoline from liquid.
Tapis dan simpan air rebusan.
Keep tripoline warm in a covered bowl.
Save liquid (boleh makan sekali dengan tripoline).

(2) To prepare filling
Slice onions and garlic
Fry onions and garlic till fragrant
Defrost ground beef in microwave oven.
Shred manually into small pieces directly into onions.
Defrost burger patty and shred directly into fried mixture.
Stir and add 1 teasp salt.
Add shredded celery and spring onion.
Add tomatoes.
Add water and let boil till meat is tender.
Taste, add salt and pepper.
Add Maggi Bolognese sauce mix, add water and mix.
When topping has thickened to consistency, remove from heat.
Serve warm.
Bon appetite!