Thursday, 2 September 2010

Tyramine in foodstuff

Kenapa pening kepala?

When you eat foods that are high in tyramine, you will tend to suffer headaches! Why? Because tyramine affects your blood vessels and blood pressure. Tyramine constricts your blood vessels, which in turn increases your blood pressure!

Is tyramine safe? Yes and no! Yes, if your body can tolerate high levels of tyramine. No, if your body cannot tolerate high levels of tyramine. How do you know if your body can/cannot tolerate tyramine? If you get headaches after eating a certain foodstuff, that foodstuff probably has high levels of tyramine which your body cannot tolerate. Should you continue to eat it? Better not, unless you wish to have another bout of headache!

What is safe then? Foodstuff low in tyramine, which your body can tolerate. At least know which foodstuff contain high tyramine levels and which foodstuff contain low/moderate amounts of tyramine.

What other active ingredients raise blood pressure (BP) and cause heatiness? Try and check out mirin.

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