Saturday, 5 February 2011

Hailam French Toast

1 loaf of cut Hailam bread
5 eggs
half of a small white onion
fine salt
powdered pepper
cooking oil

Wash eggs and beat in a shallow Pyrex bowl
Mix salt & water in a tablespoon and add to beaten eggs
Add pepper
Slice onion thinly and add to seasoned beaten eggs

Beaten eggs, seasoned and with added onions 

Cut Hailam bread pieces into halves

Cut Hailam bread 

Heat up a heavy non-stick skillet (kuali leper)
Add cooking oil to skillet and sway skillet to spread oil to a thin layer
Dip each piece of bread in beaten seasoned eggs with onions and place in skillet
Brown each side before flipping over

Remove bread pieces when both sides are brown and crispy

Serve hot with chicken curry or strawberry jam

Hailam french toast 


sharifah said...

Before dipping the bread into the beaten egg, try putting mixed tuna+onion+a squeeze of lemon/tomato sardin+ onion + a squeeze of lemon in between the bread.
Mmm very delicious... :)

Salam, Shief

Faridah said...

belum try... will try next time