Saturday, 19 February 2011

Ikan Masak Asam Pedas

This menu makes enough for 4 people for 2 meals (lunch & dinner).
You need to drink lots of water when you eat this dish.
Those who are migraine-prone will need to drink more water than the normal person.
The MSG is packed into the chili paste.... that makes this dish very nice!

Dory filet (1/2kg; Mydin sells 1 pkg = 1kg; use half of pkg contents)
1 packet perencah Ikan Bakar Adabi /fish chili paste (not Nasi Goreng paste; has MSG)
2 daun limau purut (kaffir lime leaves?)
2 batang serai (2 stalks lemon grass; can use frozen ones)
1/2 yellow onion
hot water
up to 2 teasp salt (masin sgt ni; 1.5 teasp pun dah masin)
1-2 tabsp cooking oil (ikan dory ni pun dah banyak lemak mcm ikan patin)
~1 bowl hot water (utk kuah; cair sgt tak sedap; do not use cold water, tak jadi)
1 small piece asam keping (not asam Jawa; cut the asam keping if it is too big)
1 long red chilli

wooden spoon (senduk kayu sebab ni asam; klu guna senduk besi nanti rasa besi)

Thaw dory filet and while still firm, cut into 2"x2" squares or bite-pieces.
Dice yellow onion but not too thinly.
Heat kuali, add oil and fry onions.
When onions are brown, add chili paste, stir and when fragrant, add hot water.
Add cut pieces of dory fillet. Stir to submerge all fish pieces.
Add asam keping.
Add salt to taste.
Let mixture boil until fish is done (15 min cukuplah sebab ikan ni isi nipis)
Cut red chilli lengthwise into 4 pieces and add to mixture.
Serve while still steaming hot, with freshly cooked rice.

Bon appetite!

Half yellow onion, 2 serai, 2 daun limau purut and 1 small piece asam keping 

These are frozen red chilies. Use only ONE red chili 

1 packet is 1kg (RM4.60)... use half the contents to try first 

This is frozen fish fillet and not chicken! Let it thaw on the sink top. 

Finished product if you are patient ... eat quickly before it's gone!