Saturday, 21 May 2011

Masakan Tradisi Kelantan

"While this study provides interesting clues that omega-3 fatty acids in diet may be linked to amyloid levels in blood, it doesn't show whether this directly translates to less toxic amyloid in the brain and a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease."

We visited Ayah in Tanah Merah and had lunch at his place.

Masakan singgam ikan darat dengan daun kesum 

Ikan darat (sungai) = ikan lampam, ikan tumae or ikan kerae? 

This is ikan lampam. The flesh is soft and white and contains lots of fine bones.It is difficult to eat this freshwater fish without choking on the bones! 

Fried fish (ikan kembung goreng) 

Daging goreng (Fried beef + onion + oil) 

Ayam goreng kicap (Fried chicken + onion + kicap + oil) 

Sayur terung (Brinjals + cuttlefish/squid + carrots + onions + curry powder) 

My plate of white rice