Sunday, 22 May 2011

Nasi Dagang

This is nasi dagang Kelantan.

Nasi dagang served for Aidilfitri 

Nasi dagang bungkus

Here is how to make nasi dagang as narrated to me by Nenek Wae on 21 May 2011.

Beras putih
Beras nasi dagang
1 cawan santan cair
1 cawan santan pekat

Nasi dagang (rice)
Mix the 2 types of rice and wash 3x to clean
Steam (kukus) till rice is half cooked
Remove rice and add santan cair, salt, sugar, halba, red onion (bawang merah), garlic (bawang putih)
Steam again till cooked
Removed cooked rice and add santan. Stir to mix
Serve hot.

Note: Do not need to steam the rice again after adding thick santan. However, some people choose to steam again and this will cause the rice to become soft & soggy and not taste so good.Soft nasi dagang will easily spoil, become stale (mudah basi).

Nasi dagang fish gravy
Clean fish
Cook the gravy as usual by boiling but use thick santan (santan pekat)
Add asam keping, salt, sugar
The gravy must be thick and a bit sour as nasi dagang is fatty