Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Chicken and cheese paratha

This is how to make chicken and cheese paratha, a modified version of that sold at KB airport (Lapangan Terbang Sultan Ismail Petra in Pengkalan Chepa). The one at the airport uses plain tasteless paratha, ground chicken and shredded cheese (don't know what variety), large raw chopped onion, with mayonnaise and pepper. The paratha is then folded into 2 with the filling inside. Cost: RM4.90 per piece

For convenience my version uses fried chicken nugget (then chop it), shredded mozarella cheese + cheddar cheese slices (cut long slices of cheddar and mix the 2 cheeses). I also use 2 pre-cooked onion flavoured paratha (from Billion frozen food section). I use Kraft plain mayonnaise (use halal one). There is no need to fold the paratha pieces - just serve it hot as 2 sandwiched pieces of paratha. Cost: Not calculated yet.

2 pieces chicken nugget
Pre-shredded mozarella cheese - pull out as much as needed from the frozen pack
1 pack Cheddar cheese slices - only need to use some of it
Pre-cooked onion flavoured puffed paratha (buy from Billion frozen food section)
Kraft plain mayonnaise (halal) - can omit and use chili sauce or tomato sauce instead
Powdered pepper to taste - can omit if allergic to pepper (rasa pedas sikit)

Fry the 2 pieces of chicken nuggets on slow fire till golden brown 

Chopped raw yellow onion 

Frozen shredded Mozarella pack 

Shredded Mozarella cheese 

Cheddar Cheese Block

4 strips of Cheddar cheese (use orange variety if possible) 

Kart's onion flavoured roti paratha (this is oily and flaky when cooked) 

Onion flavoured roti paratha before frying in non stick frying pan 

An old expired bottle of mayonnaise (best not to use; for display only) 

Powdered pepper (use sparingly; omit if allergic to pepper or cannot take spicy/hot food) 

Fry and chop chicken nugget. Cut 4 long slices of cheddar and mix with the shredded mozarella cheese in a bowl. Slice and chop medium white/green onion and fry lightly (to avoid indigestion or feeling bloated). Fry both sides of the paratha till evenly dark brown and crispy. Add cheeses, nugget and onion. Add mayonnaise if any (omit if don't want this) and powdered pepper to cooked paratha. Let cheeses melt and place another piece of cooked puffed paratha on top to cover the filling. Serve hot with chili sauce or tomato sauce (or no sauce). Serve with plain hot tea or coffee. Bon appetite!

Chicken and cheese paratha (sandwiched) 

Too full to eat all of it! I gave this half to my son. 

Plain black coffee (mine is served lukewarm to avoid damages inside the body)