Monday, 25 July 2011

Durian Kg Chicha, Kelantan

Kg Chicha is bordered by a river, Sg Pengkalan Datu. Thus its riverbanks are fertile and good for durian growing. Kg Chicha produces some of the best durians in Kelantan (and maybe Malaysia). The durians here are small round fruits with thin thorny skin and light yellow flesh which smell of magnolia but tastes like vanilla ice-cream. The months of June-July-August are peak durian season here and one can get the best harvest at this time. Never miss a meal with durian. Four small durian fruits cost RM10-RM15.

This durian Chicha variety has thin thorny skin and lots of flesh but only flattened seeds. 

Another durian Chicha variety with thicker thorny skin, not so much flesh and big seeds.