Friday, 25 May 2012


Nuts are oily but they are good for health.
Top 10 Antioxidant Fruits and Nuts
Fruits and nuts are good sources of antioxidants and a number of exotic fruits have recently become very popular due to their high antioxidant content. Some people refer to these fruits as “superfoods” and are marketed aggressively to get the consumers’ attention.

Mixed nuts for snack - almonds, pecans and macademia,
is a healthy choice you must make. 

Research Finds Walnuts Rank Highest in Antioxidant Content Among Nuts
The California Walnut Commission, Folson supports research into the health benefits of walnuts.
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Published: Jan 18, 2012
During this time of year when diet and exercise are a top priority, more and more people are grabbing a handful of walnuts.