Saturday, 10 November 2012


Ibrahim made sushi 3 times. I ate them twice but he finished all the sushi the third time around. You can order sushi from him. Give him enough time to buy the ingredients and to make them for you.

Sushi made at home


1 black seaweed mat
1 cup glutinous rice (cook as for normal rice)
1 teaspoonful vinegar (cuka makan)
I can of cooked and flavoured tuna
1 small cucumber
1 small carrot
something green (peppermint/pegaga)
something red (chopped chili)
something black (black olives)
1 teaspoonful soy sauce (kicap HABHAL masin)
1/4 cup of plain water


1 bamboo mat
1 chopping board
1 knife
1 tablespoon
1 plastic ladle (senduk nasi plastik)
1 sharp knife (bread knife)

  1. Wash and cook the glutinous rice in the rice cooker using as little water as possible (macam masak nasi)
  2. Wash and dry the bamboo mat
  3. Place bamboo mat on the chopping board
  4. Place a dry black seaweed mat on the dried bamboo mat.
  5. Take a piece of tissue and dab in water. Then dab on the black seaweed mat to make it sticky.
  6. Place cooked glutinous rice on the sticky seaweed mat and spread it out to form a rectangle on half the seaweed mat.
  7. Place a tablespoonful of tuna on the glutinous rice
  8. Place a thin strip of cucumber on the tuna
  9. Place a thic lone strip of carrot (or add the carrot later)
  10. Pick up the edge of the bamboo mat and let the edges meet. 
  11. Roll the bamboo mat and its contents to form a tight black roll. May have to roll a few times to obtain a tight roll. If the contents come out at the edges, push it back in using the back of a tablesppon
  12. After the seaweed roll is sufficiently firm and well formed, remove it from the bamboo mat and place on the chopping board
  13. Use a sharp knife to cut 1-inch thick sushi rings
  14. Stick a small piece of carrot (like a match stick) into each sushi ring
  15. Stick some green and red stuff to add colour to sushi
  16. Arrange on a plate and serve with soy sauce or any sauce.
  17. Can serve for breakfast in place of bread and nasi goreng. Arigato Ibrahim!