Saturday, 26 March 2016

Beef and Mutton Stew

This stew is good for children and adults. It can be served for Aqiqah and picnics. It takes a long time to prepare and cook, but it is worth cooking it for the family. 


1 big Holland onion (1 labu bawang besar putih)
1 medium Bombay onion (1 labu bawang merah sederhana besar)
5 cloves garlic (5 ulas bawang putih)
1 piece ginger (sekeping halia)
2 pieces galangal (2 keping lengkuas)
Mixed meat:
  •     750 g beef .... quanto basta (ikut suka)
  •     250 g mutton .... quanto basta
3 big potatoes with dark brown skin
2 big carrots
1 packet of black pepper mix
1 packet of Soup Siam mix
2 Tablespoons of palm oil (cooking oil)
1 coriander root, stems and leaves .... cut 1" long 

bamboo spoon
1-2 electric jug of hot water (1.7 litres per jug)

Additional food
Light and fluffy baby buns ... estimate 2 buns per person

How to 

Dice onions and garlic.
Heat oil in kuali and fry onions, garlic, ginger and galangal until fragrant and brown.
Dice meats thinly and add to fried onion mixture. Stir to mix.
Fry until meat changes colour to grey and looks cooked.
Add coriander root, stems and leaves. Stir to mix.
Add hot water and let cook for 1 hour. Add more water if necessary and cook until meat is soft.
Add soup Siam mix and black pepper mix. Stir to mix.
Add salt to taste (quanto basta), but take care not to add too much salt. Let mixture boil at least once after adding the dried mixtures.
Add diced carrots and potatoes. Boil till the carrots and potatoes are of al dente hardness (tak keras dan tak terlalu lembik)
Soup Siam and black pepper mixtures contain a lot of SALT.
The potatoes will soak up a lot of SALT as they cook.
DO NOT add any more salt once the potatoes are added! 
The potatoes will break up when cooked through, and thicken the stew. 
DO NOT add any cornstarch flour or wheat flour to thicken the stew as it will taste horrible. 
DO NOT add any Graham crackers to thicken the gravy as crackers are high in margarine/fat, and will add to weight problems.
Switch off the fire and cover. Let the stew cook in its own heat.
Serve hot with light baby buns. The buns can be warmed up in the toaster oven.
Keep any extra stew in the refrigerator. Heat up in the microwave in small portions. There is no need to heat up the entire bowl if only 1 or 2 persons want to eat.